6 Summer Activities to Help Fathers Bond with Their Children

6 Summer Activities to Help Fathers Bond with Their Children

We all know that the relationship a child forms with their parents from an early age determines how they grow up. The interests they take up, the skills that he or she chooses to nurture and the way that a child treats other people depend on the relationship with parents.

Today’s parents can, however, have a hard time forming that bond with their children. There is so much keeping as parents busy, and so much to share your child’s attention with from video games to social media to TV. How do we find fun and creative activities that the both of you can share? Summer presents the perfect opportunity for a father to indulge in some brilliant adventure that continues to improve the bonding with son or daughter.

Here’s some tips from a dad on what you can do to encourage more of that this Summer.

  1. Try Out Art

Especially as they start getting older, you may have noticed the artistic spirit of your child and want to give it a chance to blossom. A painting project is one way to bring out the artist in them. In fact art is fundamental in developing thinking skills and especially for a young mind. As your child progresses from finger painting, you can encourage a bit more creativity. If your son or daughter is particularly skilled and interested in art, you can sign up for classes together. Besides painting, you can try out sculpting with playdough. At the end of summer, you could even exhibit all the work that you two have accomplished and enjoy the success.

Summer activities with Daddy to help them bond with their children

2.DIY Craft

DIY crafts are interesting and fun avenues for expressing one’s creativity. If your child loves building things, then you can channel that creativity into homemade crafts. Instead of buying gifts for his or her friends and family, you can make them together! Jewellery, toys and household items are some of the projects you can take on. The beauty of DIY crafts is that they don’t need to be expensive. With a pair of scissors, colours/paint, cartons and strings a child can learn to make a lot of crafts. A project can be as simple as decorating a mirror with coloured stones, just make it fun.

  1. Volunteer Together

The practice of giving to the people in need is something that every person should learn early on. Volunteering is the simplest form of giving back, especially for a person who cannot afford monetary contributions. Teach your son or daughter this by signing up for volunteer work. Find an orphanage and plan a visit. Playing with other children will make your kid feel useful. Alternatively, you can find seniors in your neighbourhood who need help with their shopping or other chores and offer your time. Volunteering is also a great way of letting children see that they are fortunate than most, which is essential since they will appreciate what they have.

  1. Playhouse Fun

Playhouses have never gone out of style. They offer children a platform to play out their imagination and, therefore, are ideal for bonding experiences between a father and his child. Your son’s or daughter’s playhouse is a second home and being a part of it can bring great joy. Find the best children’s playhouses that match your child’s personality. Then, you can join him or her for breakfast, supper or a house party. Your child can invite friends over, and you can learn more about them. You can also bond over a decorating project as your child personalises the playhouse.

  1. Camping

If you can, take a camping trip with your child. Camping in the wild is an opportunity for a father to teach his son or daughter about survival and so much more. You can leave the technology behind and connect with nature, which is not common with the children in today’s world. During a camping trip, you could even teach your child how to cook without a fully equipped kitchen, fetch wood and start a fire! Depending on where you choose to camp, your kid can learn how to work a compass, identify different plants and pitch a tent. You can also recreate an outdoors camp in your backyard if going away is not an option.

Summer Activities to help Dad bound with the kids #camping

  1. Learn a Music Instrument

Learning how to play an instrument is a fun way to find out if your child’s creativity is inclined that way. The advantages of acquiring such skills have been documented for a while. For one, learning how to play boosts memory function. For a child who is growing up and has various subjects to concentrate on, it helps to have a way to exercise the brain. The activity also instils discipline because it takes a lot of patience to learn how to strike a chord or a key – perfect for the Summer down time! You can pick a simple instrument like a drum then find how-to videos to teach you. The experience of learning new skills with your child will create a strong bond.

Summer Activities to help Dad bound with the kids #musicalinstrument

Dads can create bonding experiences with their children by finding activities that they can all enjoy. The right choice of summer activities can help you build a strong relationship with your son or daughter while still passing on your wisdom and moulding a child’s character.


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