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Hi, I’m Clare. Welcome to my parenting, travel and homeschooling blog, Freddies Mummy UK, a space where I share family life, world travel, and days out. We have a real love for musical theatre, opera and long haul travel and enjoy being together as a family.

I started this blog in October 2017, but since January 2018 it is my full time career. I love the flexibility of blogging, and can spend more time with my family. Although being a workaholic you will mainly find me in my office!

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I’m a mum of one, Freddie who is actually called Frederick, or Fred, or the Fredster depending on our mood, and he was born in December 2009. I am also step mum to a girl and a boy, who are 24 and 20. We also live with my husband Stu, daddy to the kids and our Westie.

When Freddie was born I was working as a Finance Director in an engineering company and planned to be a working mum. So Freddie started full time nursery at the age of 3 months. All was going well until he turned 18 months, myself and my husband worked away a lot and we working in excess of 60 hours a week each plus time at home. As I had had no maternity leave I decided to hand in my notice in October 2011. The CEO was convinced I would be back after 6 months, but nearly 6 years later I have never looked back.

Freddies Mummy UK

(Neither of us actually look like this now, this is nearly 5 years and about 3 stone lighter, but you get the jist!)

Freddie is a typical boy. Everything is done at a million miles an hour and he is into most sports, currently playing cricket, rugby, and swimming, but has done Judo, tennis  and football. This brings me on to his dad, well Freddie definitely gets his sporting interests from him. He would sit for hours (if he could) and watch any and every type of sport out there, including tiddlywinks!

Surprisingly as Freddie is such an active child he absolutely loves reading. And playing with minifigures and trading cards, and in fact can be lost in that for hours. Although he can’t do anything quietly so he is either shouting to me, singing, humming or even talking to his invisible friends!

We love weekends where we are altogether, Stu works away a lot and although we miss him we have got used to it now. We love eating out, travelling, seeing friends, and going to London to the theatre amongst other things.

About Me - Freddies Mummy UK

Last year I turned 40 and Stu turned 50 so we celebrated our birthdays with Freddie in Jamaica. It was absolutely stunning and we will definitely be returning.

I have recently deregistered Freddie from main stream school and have opted to home educate him. Follow our journey here.

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