All About Christmas with Daddi Life

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Han-Son is the founder of Daddi Life, a leading parenting website for dads which features a range of stories and tips for the modern day dad.

All About Christmas with Daddi Life

When do you put your Christmas decorations up?

1st December and not a day earlier or later!

Christmas Decorations - Daddilife

What is your favourite Christmas song and why?

Mariah Carey – all I want for Christmas is you.

It’s just a brilliant classic, never gets old, and fills any room its in with full on Christmas Spirit.

If you do any Christmas arts and craft what are they?

We usually make some of our own decorations just to add that personal touch. Last year Max made a brilliant Angel at school, and this year we’ve decided to make a REALLY big star.

Do you have the Elf on the Shelf come to visit? 

Haha, no I haven’t done that as yet. Some of the stories though – they do make me laugh!

What is your favourite thing to bake for Christmas? Do you have any Christmas baking traditions?

I make a KILLER stuffed Pepper. I add a couple of extra surprises in there.

I’m going to try and Christmas Pavlova this year too.

Christmas walk - Daddilife

Do you have a Christmas Eve Box for your kids? If so what is included?

We don’t do a box per se, but we do usually have a few treats the night before. It usually involves a family movie and a special hot chocolate. I might make my one an ‘Irish’ version…

Do you go to either midnight mass or a Christingle church service?


What time will you get up on Christmas morning?

I LOVE Christmas, so it’s probably the one day that I don’t actually mind getting up when the kids do at around 6am. It’s the one time of year we have prawn cocktail and avocado for breakfast. The kids will have something else as  a bit of a treat.

Who will you be spending Christmas Day with? Are you doing the cooking?

We’ve got a few coming over to ours this year. Last year we were away in Barcelona, but this year we’ve got 3 of the grandparents, and 2 family friends also coming over. It should be a great one.

I’ve committed to doing at least 2 meats, and then everyone will be going on one of our family traditions – the post meal walk! It’s where we get all the family and kids on a big walk to ease off that big meal before desserts. Last year was the first we also took some of the kids ride on cars with us to the park too. I suspect we’ll be doing the same this year…

Wrapping Up - Daddilife

If money was no object what would you be asking Santa for this Christmas?

A really nice long sunny holiday! Didn’t get to have a holiday during the Summer, so I feel one is definitely most needed!

How do you celebrate New Years Eve?

Honestly, most of it is prepping for the big day itself. But we do have a bit of a lovely chill out / family time with a cheeky drink on Christmas Eve too.

Thank you to Han-Son from Daddi Life for answering my All about Christmas questions. You can follow him here:

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All About Christmas with Daddi Life
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I am Clare, a homeschooling mum in the UK to my gorgeous 9 year old son, Freddie. We also live with my bearded husband Stuart.

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