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I’m Lisa, Mum of two boys aged six and two, fiancée to the other half, and the blogger at Mumma scribbles, a parenting and lifestyle blog which focuses on supporting and helping Mum’s who are juggling all the balls. 

All About Christmas Mumma Scribbles Santa and Family

All About Christmas 

When do you put your Christmas decorations up?

We usually do it on the first weekend in December. I think it used to be a bit later but as the boys are now both fully aware of all things Christmas, we like to drag the build-up out a bit, to really allow them to fully embrace it.  It also gives me the excuse to take it all down the day after Boxing Day, as they have had time to enjoy it all! 

All About Christmas Mumma Scribbles Xmas Tree

What is your favourite Christmas song and why? 

Oh I have two – one fast and one slow! The slow one is Frankie Goes To Hollywood, The Power Of Love. I adore it so much, it’s such a beautiful song. And to get me up and dancing away, it has to be Mariah Carey, All I Want For Christmas, because I love failing to hit those high notes and not giving a care in the world at the time! 

If you do any Christmas arts and craft what are they? 

I am the least arty crafty person that has probably ever existed. I hate that I can’t look at a bunch of crafty bits and visualise something awesome! Oscar does love a bit of hand painting though, so I’ll try and incorporate that into making some kind of reindeer picture (hello Pinterest!). 

Do you have the Elf on the Shelf come to visit? If yes tell me what the silliest thing they got up to? 

I confess that I have not ventured into this as yet.  The thought of having to set stuff up every single night for 24 days sends shivers down my spine. I know I will forget or get summoned up to bed by Oscar before I have managed it. That said, I know last year Zach mentioned the elf quite a bit so I feel like maybe people at school have it, and that really puts the pressure on to have one here! 

What is your favourite thing to bake for Christmas? Do you have any Christmas baking traditions? 

I love to make gingerbread men on Christmas Eve. It’s our thing that we do – well, my thing. Zach always gets bored to be honest. But we leave it out for Santa and I have always made plenty for the family to enjoy over Christmas. 

All About Christmas Mumma Scribbles Baking

Do you have a Christmas Eve Box for your kids? If so what is included? 

I don’t have a box as such, but I do always try and make sure they have a nice new pair of PJ’s for Christmas Eve! 

Do you go to midnight mass or a Christingle Service?

No, and I never have. I am not in any way religious and even though I love the idea of Midnight Mass, I feel like it would be a bit hypocritical of me to attend.

What time will you get up on Christmas morning? 

Probably about 3am! 

I honestly have no idea to be honest. Judging by how it is now, I’ll still be waking up in Oscar’s bed, Zach will get woken up by Oscar’s early waking (when I desperately try to get him back to sleep), and we will all be up stupidly early! 

Who will you be spending Christmas Day with? Are you doing the cooking? 

We are hosting this year, although we haven’t confirmed exactly who will be coming. I know the other half’s Mum and Dad will be with us, but are waiting to find out if his Brother and family will be joining us too. We alternate every year, so whichever family we see on Christmas Day, we see the other on Boxing Day. 

If money was no object what would you be asking Santa for this Christmas? 

Honestly, money can’t even buy what I want. Sleep. One whole night of sleep with no wake ups and no being called into a toddler’s single bed as soon as my head has hit my own pillow. Actually, money can buy it – it’s called a night in a hotel! If only my toddler would let me! 

All About Christmas Mumma Scribbles Santa

How do you celebrate New Years Eve? 

We usually spend it at home. Sometimes some of my family come over, sometimes it’s just us. I actually love the idea of hosting an annual New Year’s Eve party when the boys are a bit older. We often used to go to my Godparents house on NYE and I always remember how wonderful and exciting it was as a child.

Thank you Lisa from Mumma Scribbles for answering my all about Christmas questions. You can follow Lisa here:

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All About Christmas - Mumma Scribbles
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