I’m Invited to a Baby Shower…What Should I Buy as a Gift?

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Unless you have children of your own, the invitation to a baby shower can be a nerve-racking experience…what on earth are you supposed to buy? Babies have very precise needs, especially in the first few months, making it a potential minefield for guests who have no idea when it comes to little ones.

I’m Invited to a Baby Shower…What Should I Buy as a Gift?

It is important to remember, and probably comes as some relief to learn, that baby shower presents are less gifts for baby and more gifts for mum. This is seen as a good opportunity for mum to receive some of the little necessities that will be needed to keep the baby comfortable in its first few months out of the womb.

To give you a helping hand, here are no less than 19 fool-proof baby shower gift ideas.


You simply cannot go wrong with a cute little blanket. Think mum and dad will have more than enough? Don’t underestimate a baby’s ability to spit up. You can never have too many blankets for the little one.


The ideal decoration that can be personalised with anything you like! Fill a balloon for the baby shower with extra little keepsakes such as a teddy bear, bunting and anything else soft and cuddly.


You can never, ever, have more than enough nappies. Trust us on this one.

Baby Shower Gift Basket


Dummies can be a controversial issue as some parents like them, some parents don’t. It is probably best to ask what their opinion is on dummies before buying but, if they are happy to use them, go ahead and include this as part of your gift.

Tiny Socks

Because babies have teeny weeny tiny feet they want to keep warm.


Because babies have teeny weeny tiny hands they want to keep warm.


Because babies have teeny weeny tiny heads they want to keep warm.

Teething Toys

If you are a parent you will understand the pain of a teething baby. This will be a godsend for when the little one begins to teeth, for both baby and parent.


It probably doesn’t seem like it now, but that baby will soon start to walk as it turns into a toddler in little over a year. This admittedly isn’t a traditional baby shower gift, but that makes it’s a little more original.


Just like nappies, you can never have too many bottles in the home.

Pamper Stuff (For Mum)

Mum is going through a lot of changes, and there are still a lot more changes to come. She will appreciate something exclusively for her.


Babies are expensive and, if you really are struggling for something to buy, vouchers for shops that sell baby clothes will always be most welcomed. There isn’t a parent alive that will not be appreciative of anything that saves them money on anything for the baby.


Because babies are not yet properly housetrained and are messy eaters.


Don’t listen to Piers Morgan, both mums and dads can wear papooses to transport their children. It is comfortable and convenient, a fantastic baby shower gift.

Baby Food

Baby food isn’t fresh so will keep for a long time. This could make part of a fantastic hamper.

Sippy Cup

The step up from a bottle when the baby is ready to hold their own drink. Not something that can be used immediately, but will eventually be of use.

Stuffed Cuddly Toys

You can’t go wrong here, can you?

Changing Mat

It’s something that can be easily overlooked but is an absolute necessity. Having multiple mats means that mum and dad can keep them in separate rooms for as and when they are required.


Finally, and possibly the most important, comes the baby clothes. If you are gifting clothes, gift in multiple sizes from newborn to six months old…you don’t know how big that baby is going to be!

If you are looking at gifts for older children, check out my kids gift guide.


I am Clare, a homeschooling mum in the UK to my gorgeous 9 year old son, Freddie. We also live with my bearded husband Stuart.

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