34 of the Best Advent Calendars for the Whole Family – 2019

October 30, 2018 3 Comments

34 of the Best Advent Calendars for the Whole Family – 2019

October 30, 2018 3 Comments
The Best Advent Calendars for the whole family
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We absolutely love Christmas and every year we try and find the best advent calendars. In this guide you will find kids advent calendars, advent calendars for beauty lovers, alcoholic advent calendars, DIY advent calendars plus more.

As most people we always eat too much at Christmas time we tend to buy advent calendars with small gifts in rather than the chocolate ones.

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So here is a list of our best advent calendars for 2019.

Christmas Gift Guides for the Family:

14 of the Best Children’s Advent Calendar

Star Wars Advent Calendar

Well I don’t think this Lego Star Wars advent calendar needs any introduction. This is the one we have purchased for Freddie for the last 2 years.

Best Advent Calendars 2018 - Kids Lego Star Wars

Disney Mickey Mouse 12 Days Beauty Advent Calendar

This is only a 12 day advent calendar but it was too amazing to leave out! As it is only £7 it is super value for money also.

Disney Mickey Mouse Beauty Advent Calendar

Hatchimals Colleggtibles Advent Calendar

Best Advent Calendars 2018 - Kids Hatchimals

Crayola Christmas Countdown 

If your kids love art and craft this Crayola activity calendar would be perfect.

Best Advent Calendars 2018 - Crayola Art Advent Calendar

Lego Friends Advent Calendar

Best Kid Advent Calendars 2018 - Lego Friends

Doh Vinci Advent Calendar

Best Art and Craft Advent Calendars 2018 - Doh Vinci

LOL Surprise Advent Calendar

Best Girls Advent Calendars 2018 - LOL

Revell Technik Advent Calendar

Best Boys Advent Calendars 2018 - Tecnik

Hot Wheels Advent Calendar

Best Boys Advent Calendars 2018 - Hot Wheels

Match Attax Advent Calendar

Best Boys Advent Calendars 2018 - Match Attax

Lego City Advent Calendar

Best Kids Advent Calendars 2018 - Lego City

John Lewis City Vehicles Advent Calendar

Best Boys Advent Calendars 2018 - Car

Charm Bracelet Advent

I have not seen anything like this before, and I think it is such a lovely idea for a little girl.

Best Girls Advent Calendars 2018 - Charm Bracelet

Naughty or Nice Bean Boozled Advent Calendar

This is not my cup of tea, however, I know a number of kids and adults in fact who would just love this! Maybe a good one for the kids to give to their mums or dads?

Best Kids Advent Calendars 2018 - Jelly Belly

Smiggle Advent Calendar

Over £40 worth of Smiggle stationery for only £22.50 this is a great kids advent calendar.

Best Kids Advent Calendars 2018 - Smiggle

10 of the Best Beauty Advent Calendars

I will start with a beauty treat for men, mainly as it is the only one I have seen!

24 Days of Beard Treats

I LOVE this! Stuart has a huge beard that he is very proud of, and spends more time grooming it than he does anything else!

Best Mens Advent Calendars 2018 - 24 days of beard treats

Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar

Now we love Latest in Beauty and you can read our review of one of their subscription boxes. This box like all of their monthly subscriptions are excellent value for money. This beauty subscription box only costs £60 but the contents are worth £225!!!

Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2018 - Latest in Beauty

Espa Advent Calendar

This is the second most expensive beauty advent calendar, but I absolutely love the box. This includes 25 miniature bottles of ESPA products.

Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2018 - ESPA

Cowshed Advent Calendar

This cowshed beauty advent calendar includes 24 miniature Cowshed treats for hands, hair, face and body.

Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2018 - Cowshed

Molton Brown Advent Calendar

Yes I love Molton Brown, this includes soap, moisturiser and perfume so this is just perfect for any woman. But this is the most expensive beauty advent calendar at £140, personally I don’t the box is that amazing, but the products speak for themselves.

Best Advent Calendars 2018 - Molton Brown

Morris & Co Advent

Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2018 - Morris & Co

Liz Earle – 12 Days of Christmas

This Liz Earle advent calendar only contains 12 days of Christmas.

Best Advent Calendars 2018 - Liz Earle


This is one of the cheapest beauty subscription boxes coming in at less than £45. I think it is of excellent value, and who doesn’t love L’Occitane!

Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2018

Angel Mugler Advent Calendar

Best Advent Calendars 2018 - Angel

Rituals Advent Calendar

Best Advent Calendars 2018 - Rituals

5 of the Best Alcohol Advent Calendars

Beer Advent Calendar

These are all full size cans / bottles so it weighs a lot!

Best Drinks Advent Calendars 2018 - Beer

Prosecco and Bubble Advent Calendar

This includes 24 miniature bottles of fizz, whats not to like!!

Best Alcohol Advent Calendars 2018 - Prosecco

Wine Advent Calendar

This includes 24 mini wine bottles! Perfect for those who like a glass of wine with their evening meal.

Best Wine Advent Calendars 2018

Gin and Tonic Advent Calendar

This contains one full sized bottle of gin, plus a different tonic every day.

Best Gin and Tonic Advent Calendars 2018

Edinburgh Gin Advent Calendar

This contains 25 x 5ml bottle of Edinburgh gin!!

Best Gin Advent Calendars 2018

Other Adult Advent Calendars

Happy Socks Advent Calendar

We love Happy Socks in this house and this is probably the one I will be getting for Stuart this year. It costs £149.95, BUT it contains 24 pairs of socks! This works out at only £6.25 each which is a huge saving!

Best Advent Calendars 2018 - Happy Socks

Personalised Coffee Advent Calendar

I hate coffee, BUT, Stuart absolutely loves it, which is why the Nespresso machine is only used by him. This is a great gift, and can be personalised with any name.

Best Advent Calendars 2018 - Personalised

3 of the Best DIY Advent Calendars

I love DIY advent calendars, where you buy something once and each year you chose your favourite products to add.

DIY Tipsy Alcohol Advent Calendar

As I have never hidden the fact I love wine, this is a great option for me!!! I love the fact you can fill it with your own favourite wine! So only white for me!!

Best DIY Advent Calendars 2018 - Wine Tree

Wooden Personalised Advent Calendar

This is adorable, and something you will cherish for years. This could either be for kids or a mix of gifts.

Best Wooden DIY Advent Calendars 2018

24 Reindeer Boxes

What I love about these is you could hide these around the house, or leave them in a new place when the elf on the shelf returns!

Best Advent Calendars 2018 - Reindeer Boxes

What is your favourite advent calendar this year? Let me know in the comments below.

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34 of the Best Advent Calendars 2019 for the Whole Family
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34 of the Best Advent Calendars 2019 for the Whole Family
34 of the Best Advent Calendars 2019 for the Whole Family
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  • mackenzieglanville November 7, 2018 at 8:13 am

    I simply can not believe I didn’t know so many awesome calendars existed!!!! I would love the Molton Brown one,Thnaks for sharing this with the readers of #ABloggingGoodTime

  • The Queen of Collage November 7, 2018 at 12:34 pm

    There are some truly creative advent calendars out there. It seems that everyone will have a favourite. #ablogginggoodtime

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