Over 35 of the Best Educational Shows for Kids on YouTube

October 3, 2018 4 Comments

Over 35 of the Best Educational Shows for Kids on YouTube

October 3, 2018 4 Comments
Over 36 of the best educational videos on youtube for kids
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I am not a big fan of “screen time” for kids, however, there are certain educational videos on Youtube for kids I don’t mind Freddie watching. I have compiled a list of all of the educational shows we have come across either previously before Freddie was school aged, or the ones we use now he is in Key stage 2. We use some of these educational videos on Youtube in our homeschool day, Freddie’s favourite at the minute is Art for Kids. He has never been a fan of anything remotely arty so this is great.

With the right supervision the kids can learn so much from educational videos on YouTube. If you set up Youtube Kids which has lots of parental controls on it, your children will be much safer online.

If you are looking for more online educational resources please see my previous post on over 80 educational resources for kids.

Best Educational Shows for Kids

Do You Know

How Its Made

Crash Course

Blue Peter


Wonder Quest – I wonder

It’s AumSum Time – Maths and Science

Homeschool Pop

Ed Place

Educational Videos for Arts and Crafts

5 minute crafts

Art For Kids

Art Ninja

If you have an Amazon Echo or similar, check out our favourite educational Alexa Skills

Educational Videos for History Lovers

Horrible Histories

The Who Was 

Dick & Dom Absolute Genius

60 Second Histories (Use code Freddie10 to get 12% off, see the review of 60 Second Histories)

Educational Videos to Learn Science

Horrible Science

Operation Ouch

Sci Show


Educational Videos for English

Steve and Maggie

Story Bots

CBBC Book Club

Educational Videos for Geography / Nature and Animals

National Geographic Kids

Deadly 60

Blue Planet

How the Earth Made Us

Blow Your Mind

All Over the Place

Deadly Dinosaurs

Wild Kratts

Maths Factor

Educational Videos for Preschoolers

Super Wings


Get Well Soon

Alpha Blocks

Sesame Street

The Lingo Show

Kids learning videos

Let me know what your favourite educational videos on youtube for kids are in the comments, and I will add them to this list.

With special thanks to for helping me compile this list:

Scandi MummyMummies WaitingMumma and Her MonstersMotherhood DiariesReady Freddie GoGee GardnerA Life Just OrdinaryI am RiverCaptain BobcatThe Money Whisperer  and Digital Motherhood

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Over 35 of the best educational videos for kids #homeschool #homeschooling #education #homeeducation #freeresources
Over 35 educational videos on youtube channels for kids. #homeschool #learningathome #homeeducation #education #youtube
Over 35 of the best educational videos for kids
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Over 35 of the best educational videos for kids
Over 35 of the best educational videos for kids
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I am Clare, a homeschooling mum in the UK to my gorgeous 9 year old son, Freddie. We also live with my bearded husband Stuart.

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  • RossMountney October 10, 2018 at 8:50 am

    Great to have this list as a resource. I also think that just to google something we wouldn’t normally (like how to…whatever) is valuable too helping those kids who struggle with print or academics to learn in more visual ways.

    • freddiesmummyuk October 10, 2018 at 8:51 am

      I have found with subjects such as art and history in particular for my son a visual aid is just brilliant. 🙂

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