Over 100 of the Best Books For 9 Year Old Boys and Girls

Over 100 of the best Books for 9 Year old Boys and Girls. #reading #books #homeed #homeschooling #homeschool
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The benefits of reading books is such an integral part of children’s lives.

We have been really lucky and Freddie has always enjoyed reading. Even from a young baby he would always enjoy looking through soft books. Fast forward 8 years and he still absolutely loves reading all types of books. We have books in every room of the house, from reference books, to reading books.

Read on to find out our 100 favourite books for 9 year old boys and girls.

Over 60 Reading Books for 9 Year old Boys and Girls

Over 60 of the best reading books for boys aged 9-12

  1. Big Nate Out Loud
  2. The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby
  3. The Unluckiest Boy in the World
  4. Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets
  5. The DemiGod Files
  6. Fizzlebert Stump
  7. Genius Ideas (Mostly)
  8. Beast Quest
  9. Sea Quest
  10. Switch Spider Stampede
  11. How to Eat Fried Worms
  12. The World of Norm
  13. Tom Gates Extra Special Treats (Not)
  14. Compton Valance
  15. Middle School The Worst Years of My Life
  16. Treasure Island
  17. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  18. Goosebumps
  19. How to Get Fabulously Rich
  20. Horrid Henry
  21. Boyface and the Quantum Chromatic Disruption Machine
  22. Stinkbomb & Ketchup Face
  23. Star Wars Jedi Academy
  24. The Boy Who Sailed the Ocean in an Armchair
  25. What Rhymes with a Sneeze
  26. Fitter, Faster, Funnier Olympics
  27. Wayside School
  28. Minecrafters – The Skeletons Strike Back
  29. The Mad Scientist Next Door
  30. Timmy Failure
  31. Barry Loser (see our exclusive interview with author Jim Smith)
  32. Flying Fergus
  33. To Wee or Not to Wee
  34. The Private Blog of Joe Cowley
  35. Beaky Malone
  36. The Beast
  37. Animal SOS
  38. The Odds Strike Back
  39. Just Call me Spaghetti Hoop Boy
  40. Kid Normal
  41. How to Train your Dragon
  42. Rory Branagan Detective
  43. Radio Boy
  44. Michael Morpurgo Books
  45. Stories for Boys who Dare to be Different
  46. The Borrowers
  47. Demon Dentist
  48. Remember 10 with Explorer Ben
  49. Tudor Boy Spy
  50. The Phantom Lollipop Man
  51. Max the Detective Cat
  52. The Grunts on the Run
  53. My Evil Twin is a Supervillain
  54. Spynosaur
  55. Fantastic Beasts
  56. Gangsta Granny
  57. The Hobbit
  58. The Jungle Book
  59. Millions
  60. My Brother is a Superhero
  61. Ratburger
  62. Swallows and Amazons
  63. The Worlds Worst Children 3
  64. Really Scary Stories

The Best Nature Books for 9 Year old Boys and Girls

The Best Nature Books for Boys Aged 9

  1. Pocket Eyewitness Dinosaurs
  2. Deadly 60
  3. Last Chance to See Endangered Animals
  4. 101 Fun Outdoor Activities for Children
  5. Astronomy Starter Pack

The Funniest Joke Books for 9 Year old Boys and Girls

The best joke books for 9 year old boys

  1. Star Wars Joke Book
  2. Football Jokes
  3. The Beano Joke Book
  4. Roald Dahl Joke Book

General Educational Books for 9 Year old Boys and Girls

The Best Educational Books for Books Aged 9

  1. Arms and Armour
  2. See Inside Inventions
  3. Horrible Science
  4. Eyewitness Knight
  5. Really Horrible
  6. You Can Get Sucked Down an Aeroplane Loo
  7. Politics for Beginners
  8. Business for Beginners
  9. Whats Happening to me?
  10. Science Squad
  11. You are Awesome
  12. Art A Children’s Encyclopedia
  13. Big Ideas for Curious Minds

History Books for 9 Year old Boys and Girls

The Best History Books for Books Aged 9

  1. The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History
  2. Horrible Histories
  3. The Gunpowder Plot
  4. The Worst Children’s Jobs In History
  5. 100 Things to Know about History

Activity Books for 9 Year old Boys and Girls

The Best Activity Books for Books Aged 9

  1. Roald Dahl Quiz Book
  2. Harry Potter Colouring Book
  3. Sudoku Puzzles for Clever Kids
  4. National Geographic Kids Quiz

Reference Books for 9 Year old Boys and Girls

The Best Reference Books for Boys Aged 9

  1. If The World Were a Village
  2. Science Encyclopedia
  3. The Bacteria Book
  4. The Book of Comparisons
  5. Guiness World Records 2019
  6. Ripleys Believe it or Not 2019
  7. Top 10 of Everything 2019


What are your favourite books for 9 Year old boys? Let me know in the comments below.

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Over 100 books for 9 year old boys #reading #books #homeed #homeschool #homeeducation


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