The UK’s Wild Birds and How to Take Care of Them

Caring for wild birds in the winter months is incredibly important. Food is in short supply, so encouraging them into your garden to feed should see them through to spring.

Feeding UK Wild Birds

The best way to encourage birds into your garden is to add feeding stations. There are so many different types of feeding stations and some are so beautiful they will become a feature in your garden.

When we first started feeding the birds we would just put out bird seed on a bird table. But we have now learnt (together!) that different birds like different types of food. We now put a mix of all into our garden so we have a bigger chance of attracting more birds.

Our favourite has to be making the bird fat balls. We add one part fat to two parts of bird seed and keep them in the fridge overnight in an empty yoghurt pot. Once solid we remove the yoghurt pot and hang the fat ball in the garden.

The UK's Wild Birds and How to Take Care of Them - caring for wild birds #birds #birdfeed

Homeschooling and Wild Birds

As we spend a lot of time in the house now Freddie is homeschooled this is one of our favourite things. Freddie has a bird book (What’s that BIRD?)  and we love ticking off which birds come into our garden. So far we have seen my favourite, the robin. But wrens and house sparrows are regular visitors to our garden also.

This is such a great example of how learning happens in every day life and with anything. We have studied all about the different birds that visit our garden. This then developed into the life cycle of birds, then onto the migration of birds.

If Freddie is feeling particularly arty he will also draw pictures of the birds we have seen. Art is a very fit or miss subject in our home education journey, but he really enjoys it when he is in the right frame of mind and can get lost in it for hours.

What wild birds do you get in your garden? I would love to hear in the comments below.

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