17 Of The Best Christmas Presents For Boys Aged 5-12

November 20, 2017 No Comments

17 Of The Best Christmas Presents For Boys Aged 5-12

November 20, 2017 No Comments
Christmas present ideas for boys aged 5-12
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I always struggle finding Christmas presents for boys of this age group with their every changing interests. One minute they love Lego, the next everything is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! So I thought I would compile a list of awesome Christmas presents for boys that they would love.

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Christmas Presents for Boys Aged 5 – 12

Nintendo Switch

I am sure it is not only Freddie who is now obsessed with anything electrical (in fact I know it isn’t as all of his friends are too) so as he is turning 8 I think this is the perfect gift. It can be played at home on a TV and taken away from home. We currently only have a Wii U and I think for an 8 year old this is the perfect step up. All of the games that have come out are perfect for children aged up to 12 (and older of course) but there are certainly from what I have seen more games aimed at children.

RRP : £279.99   Nintendo Switch – Neon Red/Neon Blue

Nintendo Switch

Osmo – Coding Game

This is absolutely ideal for kids. It encourages children how to code in a really fun way. It feels like they are playing on the IPad which of course they are. But great for adults too as you know they are learning while they are playing. We reviewed this a couple of months ago and it was absolutely amazing, I would highly recommend it and it covers all bases! *

RRP – £49      Website         Review

Teaching children coding and programming with IPad. Osmo Coding with Awbie Review

Safe Breaker 

Most kids go through wanting to be a spy stage and Freddie is certainly there now. So this game is absolutely brilliant. Basically the key to this game is to break the safe and get the coins. *

RRP: £24.99        Website         Review

Safe Breaker Game review

Ghost Blitz 

If you are a family who loves playing games like we are this is a great game for all. It comes out whenever we have friends and family round and everyone loves it. *

RRP: £12.99    Website        Review

Ghost Blitz


If your kids loves mini figures as much as Freddie does they will absolutely love these Zomlings. There are hundreds to collect and they come with transport and capsules that you can keep them in. There are lots of ways to buy them from blind bags to bigger packs and would make for a great stocking filler. *

RRP: From as little as 50p        Website           Review


Illuminated Apparel Glow in the Dark T-Shirt 

If you are looking for a unique kids gift that they will love look no further than this amazing t-shirt. In the day light it is like any normal t-shirt but at night there is a huge glow in the dark area at the front where you can write and draw whatever you like. *

Illuminated Apparel Glow in the Dark T - Shirt Review

RRP: £15      Website             Review


You can never have too many fun family games in my opinion and this is another great present. This is a race against the clock game so will get the competitive juices flowing and is aimed at everyone over the age of 8. *

RRP: £19.99      Website      Review

Staccups Play

4D Utopia Dinosaur Experience 

If your kids love dinosaurs and virtual reality (well who doesn’t!) then this is a must. In the box there are dinosaur cards and a virtual reality headset and right before your eyes the dinosaurs come to life and start walking around. *

RRP: £29.99        Website       Review

4D+ Utopia 360° Dinosaur Experience Augmented Reality Cards & VR Headset

Big Beard Battle 

Everyone these days seems to have a beard, including my lovely husband, so this game is just great. The winner is the person with the biggest beard, but you get to shave and cut off the beards as you play! It is a 4+ game so I wouldn’t normally add it in the list, but it was so much fun it deserved a mention. *

RRP: £14.99    Website        Review

Big Beard Battle Review


There are so many fun games out this year and this one is no exception. It is another family game that will have you all in stitches suitable for all over the age of 8. *

RRP: £19.99     Website     Review

Emojito Game Review

Electronic Dictionary

If your kids love reading like Freddie does this is an amazing gift. It is a bookmark that is also a dictionary. Freddie reads in bed every night before going to sleep and sometimes struggles to understand what some words mean. He currently shouts down to me for me to help, but this is a great present that encourages self learning. *

RRP: £24.99  Website     Review


Igloo Mania 

A silly and fun game for kids to play either with friends or the family. The idea of the game is to keep Parka Pete in place while trying to remove the ice blocks around him. The winner is the one with the least ice blocks after Parka Pete has fallen down. It is aimed at children from 5+  *

RRP: £19.99     Website     Review

Igloo Mania


Do your kids love playing with a ball when out and about? Then this is the gift for them, it is a DIY ball that transforms easily on the go and fits in handbags or even in your pocket. It can be transformed into a rugby shape, a ball, juggling balls or even a rocket.

RRP: £12.00   Website

Playing Foooty - The ball that fits in your pocket

Skratkz Scratch Posters 

If you are looking for a unique kids gift then treat them to this family poster. It is 101 things to do as a family and you scratch off each activity you have done. There are things to do for free in the house to more adventurous days out. *

RRP: £23.95     Website     Review

101 Things to Do Scratch Poster SKRATKZ Posters

Mashers Socks 

What child doesn’t need socks? Well no need to get them a boring pair why not treat them to some Mashers! These are odd socks that you can mix and match all with really colourful monsters on! *

The Mashers Odd Socks

RRP: £10.99     Website

Bang On 

A great family game that all of the family will love, it is played in teams of 2 and is such fun. It is a very fast and competitive game that is suitable for all ages and will be an absolute hit around the dinner table on Christmas Day.

RRP: £27.99    Website      Review

Bang On!


This is a quick fire card trading game from Drumond Park for up to 8 people for ages 8+. It is a loud, funny and raucous game with 2 levels for all skill and age groups. The idea of the game is to get all the way up the board, which you can only do when you collect as many of the correct cards as possible. This is harder than it sounds as you collect cards that are facing down! Each turn you must swap as many cards as you can and in order to move up the board you need to have collected the card that matches the square you are on (bike, planes, false teeth etc). You only have until Wind Up Colin grinds to a halt though, so it really is frantic.

RRP: £19.99      Website

Pandemonio Game

**Note – Everything with * was sent for free of charge for review purposes. There are affiliate links included in this post. **

What are your favourite Christmas Presents for Boys? Let me know in the comments below.

Are you struggling to find Christmas Presents for Boys? If so check out this gift list with presets from 50p to £300 #stockingfillers #christmasgifts #boysgifts #xmasgifts #boys
17 Of The Best Christmas Presents For Boys Aged 5 12
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