Christmas Savings – Top Tips on how to Save for the Holiday

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As we are getting close to Christmas, many of us are looking at ways to save money. The holidays are such an expensive time of year. According to the Bank of England, we spend £500 more in December than in normal months. Personally I think it is much higher than that.

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Top Tips on how to save money for Christmas

Make a budget….. and stick to it

I do this every couple of months, mainly as I am a money control freak. But it amazes me every time I look how much money I waste.

Why did I go to Starbucks twice in a week? I wouldn’t mind I don’t even drink coffee. So small things like that will quickly add up.

Rather than go to the hairdressers every 4/5 weeks to get your hair dyed, why not do it yourself? These are questions I regularly ask myself. I am very very grey, and not in a cool trendy way. But I could do this myself.

How much money are you spending on food each month? Can you quarter your spend? I certainly could. A great way to do this is to not take your credit cards and just take cash. That way you can only spend what you have.

Cut Back on your current spending

Are you buying the cheapest brands? Chances are you are not. Have you actually tried the cheaper brands? Have a week where you drop one level on your groceries and see if you can taste the difference. You will certainly notice a difference in your wallet.

Are you out of contract with your services? If you have Sky, Cable or anything you have a contract with, try and get your bills cheaper. Phone them and see what they can do. Generally, they won’t want to lose you, you will be amazed at how much you can save just by asking.

Cut Back on Your Christmas Presents

Do you really need to buy everyone you know a Christmas present? No of course not. Why not gather a few friends or family or even work colleagues and arrange a secret Santa. That way rather than buying endless gifts you are just buying one. Agree on a spending limit, be it £5 or even £20 and make sure everyone sticks to it.

Christmas Party?

If you are hosting a Christmas party or even Christmas dinner, ask people to contribute. I always host Christmas Day and people always ask if they can bring something. So rather than just “bring a bottle” which is my normal answer, why not ask them to bring a starter or dessert? No one will feel offended, and it can save you not just money but valuable time as well.

Christmas Savings - Christmas Party

Black Friday

This is my least favourite day of the year, as every year it gets me with the flashy savings. Generally, this is NOT the case. Just be really careful not to get sucked into their very clever marketing ploys, and only buy something if you actually need it.

With regards to buying for other people, make sure you remember what you have purchased. I have done this twice now, where I have actually purchased too many presents as I had forgotten what I had brought.

DIY Christmas

Do you spend a fortune on Christmas cookies and chocolate, and cake etc? Well, make them yourself. It is much more fun and it will save you lots of money. Actually except for the Mary Berry Christmas Cake which costs us about £30 just to buy the ingredients. It is the BEST cake in the World though, so I continue to make it.

Final Word – Christmas savings

Christmas doesn’t need to be a hardship and if you follow the above advice it should be a little easier. If there is no other way, Cash Lady can help. Remember Christmas is all about spending time with your families.

Do you have Christmas savings? How do you save money during the Christmas season? Let me know in the comments below.

Christmas savings - 6 top tips on how to save money for the Christmas season. Remember it is all about family and not the presents.
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I am Clare, a homeschooling mum in the UK to my gorgeous 9 year old son, Freddie. We also live with my bearded husband Stuart.

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