Great Cities to Visit with Your Kids

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The holiday season is coming across America, let me introduce you to 5 great cities to visit with your kids this season. These cities are hubs for ample accommodations, top-notch restaurants and iconic, innovative attractions that appeal to all ages, especially kids. Vacations with kids need to be something different, look for places that offer the best memories to our kids and constantly stimulate them. The best cities to visit with your kids must have parks, pools, beaches and places for kids to play as much as they want.

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 Visiting places with history and rich culture with your kids is also a good idea. Such historical cities will develop a taste for art in kids. The best cities to visit with kids should offer special programs like theatre, kids contest, outdoor dinners and sports. All these activities are essential for kids during a vacation. It’s better to plan everything ahead of vacations to be sure you visit the best travel destinations with your children and make unforgettable memories.

The city of San Diego is kids’ heaven 

San Diego is undoubtedly one of the best cities to visit with your kids. It does have something for everyone, family fun, food, culture, wildlife and parks. San Diego city has the perfect weather all year round. You want to spend weeks there, but on your first visit, people usually only have a few days when they travel down from LA, but I recommend spending at least six days in San Diego. Some of the great places to visit with your kids when you are in San Diego:

  • Beach comes first; as you are in California, you have got to hit the beach first, and there is one for every type of person. From north to south, there are plenty of beaches to ride the waves or play volleyball. 
  • The zoo in San Diego is one of the most famous in the world, and there is a reason for that, there are more than three thousand rare and endangered animals there. 
  • Balboa Park in San Diego is the biggest urban cultural park in the whole of America, and there are fifteen museums, beautiful gardens and playgrounds for kids to have fun.

Seattle offers great views, lakes and coffee

Seatle means Fresh air, lush green trees and some of the most recognizable skylines in the whole of America. Seattle is famous for having excellent coffee and beautiful coffee shops, and you will love this city if you like coffee. It is also known for being one of the most scenic cities in the United States. It’s urban yet green, and yes, Seattle has some really cool places to visit with kids.

  • Pioneer Square is the historic district in Seattle with many museums, shops, restaurants and parks for kids.
  • The Underground tour is a ninety-minute guided walking tour that explores the city underground. Most of Seattle burned in the great fire of 1889, but it was rebuilt, and this tour is fascinating, plus it will educate your kids on history by a fun and enjoyable experience.
  • Seattle has a famous and gigantic aquarium located in downtown. It is a great place to visit with your kids in an afternoon. The aquarium has some great activities and displays for kids. 

New York City is so exciting for kids 

Great Cities to Visit with Your Kids - New York City

New York City is very family-friendly and so good with kids that you will probably find it to be the best city to travel with kids. Some great places in New York are:

  • Central Park is the most amazing and peaceful place for your kids to play. It is a great place to get away from the business of the city for a couple of hours. Central Park is vast, and there is so much there for your kids to do. The park has a beautiful lake, and there are little motorboats for kids to sail and play with. Central Park also has a huge triple story candy store just a few blocks away from the entrance of the park. 
  • If you want the absolute best view of New York City, I recommend visiting the top of the rock, the views up there are simply breathtaking. This is the highest view in the US, and you just feel like you own the city.

Philadelphia, the birthplace of the United States 

America’s founding fathers walked these old city streets, and the heritage of buildings in Philadelphia is preserved as symbols of independent national history. Philadelphia has so much culture and history of offering, your kids will enjoy and learn so much about the American culture and our history. If you are planning to visit Philadelphia, you must visit the following places there.

  • Eastern State Penitentiary was the most influential prison ever built. Your kids will learn a lot about history and gothic architecture. It once had some world-famous detainees, including Al Capone.
  • Wander Philadelphia’s magical gardens are the best place in the city to visit with your kids. Magic is actually the right word to describe this place.
  • The independence hall and the liberty bell are must places to visit for every American. This is the place where the United States and its constitution was born.

The natural wonder Anchorage, Alaska is so stunning

The city of Anchorage is home to 40% of all Alaskans. Alaska is one of the most extreme places on the planet. This is a land of endless beauty, immense riches and epic horizons. 

  • The State Parks in Anchorage city are enormous and best for hiking or and hunting (Purchase AR15 rifles here). 
  • If you love mountains, natural beauty and forests you are going to spend the time of your life in the city of Anchorage.
  • The Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson centre was founded in 1968, and this museum has so much culture and history to offer, it will be definitely a fun experience if you visit this place with your kids. 

I am sure you enjoyed discovering some great cities to visit with your kids this holiday seasons, Happy vacations!

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I am Clare, a homeschooling mum in the UK to my gorgeous 9 year old son, Freddie. We also live with my bearded husband Stuart.

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