What Is The Actual Cost of Homeschooling in the UK? Could It Be Free?

How much does homeschooling cost in the UK?
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As friends have started to spend £100’s on school uniforms it got me thinking about the real cost of homeschooling UK. Is it costing me more?

Is home education actually cheaper than school?

How much does homeschooling cost in the UK?

Of course, the cost of homeschooling was not even part of the reason we decided to homeschool. But I am really staggered with the savings.

If you are seriously considering homeschooling check out my post on how to start home education in the UK that will really help, I also suggest doing your own research to find out what equipment you’ll need for homeschooling, but you can manage with very little.

Homeschooling Resources in the UK

Before I jump into how much homeschooling costs in the UK, I thought I would share some of my most popular posts on FREE resources:

Over 75 Homeschool UK Resources

Free Curriculum for Homeschool

Over 80 Cheap Home Schooling UK Resources

Free Typing Games

What is the Cost of Homeschooling in the UK?

Zero. That’s right, it doesn’t have to cost you anything.

There are so many free home education resources you can use you don’t have to spend anything. Now, we spend more than this which I will detail below. But….


Is it really possible to homeschool for free? Absolutely see how here

How to Homeschool for FREE

Now, remember what I said about homeschooling free? It’s true. There are so many free resources you can use, if you are on a tight budget you can home educate for FREE.

  • Become a member of the library. If you have a library card you can get books out for FREE. If you are studying a particular subject and they don’t have the books you need in stock. Ask them to order them in for you. It’s that easy. Often libraries, certainly the bigger ones, will have special days when they offer crafts and activities as well.
  • Use free educational resources. There are so many amazing free homeschool websites you can use for all types of learning. For example Khan Academy, free typing games, free coding games.
  • Use Pinterest. It has so many great printables and ideas of things you can do.
  • Contact local businesses – see if you can arrange field trips. Some ideas would be, fire/police station, shop, food outlet, farm but honestly the options are endless. Now not everyone will say yes, but a lot will. Real-life learning! I love it.
  • Free Books – you can get lots of Kindle / audiobooks for free. If you are looking for books a 9 year old might enjoy check out my post.
  • Youtube – now I hate screentime, but as a mum of a 9 year old I have to give in!!! But youtube has loads of free videos that are educational.
  • Museums / Art Galleries – A lot of these are free, of course, check before you go. But these are a great way to get out and about while learning and having fun.

Cost to send your kids to school per year!

Now, of course, this list is how much we have spent in the past, and of course, I could have found the items cheaper! For example not buying a pencil case from Smiggle! But I hope this gives you an idea of how much it costs to send your children to school.

Is homeschool actually cheaper than public school?
  • School Uniform £209
  • School Shoes – £45
  • Polo Shirts £21 (for 6)
  • School Branded Jumpers £42 (for 3)
  • Sports Clothes £12 (£5 for shorts, £7 for 2 t-shirts)
  • School Trousers £13 (for 2)
  • Trainers (to leave at school for PE) – £25
  • School Shorts £7 (for 1)
  • Pencil Case £12.50 (from Smiggle)
  • School Socks £6 (pack of 5)
  • School Bag £25
  • Educational School Trips £250
  • School Dinners £430
  • Going on holiday in term time!!!
How homeschooling your children can save you money, in fact nearly £20k saving over their school time. #homeed #homeschool

Now if I take out our holiday cost, the actual cost of sending your children to school is over £1k a year! Will you spend that on homeschooling? Absolutely not!

How Much Is The Cost Of Homeschooling?

Well for us, we don’t homeschool for free, but that is a choice we have made. But it is certainly cheaper than sending your children to school!! With all of the costs listed below, we probably spend about £500 a year. I haven’t included clubs he attended before as we had that cost anyway. However, please remember YOU CAN HOME SCHOOL FOR FREE! If you are looking for some of our favourite UK homeschool resources please check out my list.

Homeschool Resources

We currently subscribe to IXL, check out my full review. Which costs approximately £100 a year, if you follow this link you will get 20% off. But there are others such as EdPlace which is also a similar price.

We also subscribe to Twinkl which costs about £60 a year. I love their worksheets. However, they do have Twinkl FREE downloads you can use.

Educational Days Out

We tend to have a big day out at least once a month, and our favourites are Bosworth Battlefield and Kidzania.

Kidzania Westfield London Review

As a home educator, you are entitled to school prices! So you can get amazing discounts (as long as you go in term time) from nearly all the attractions. For example, Legoland, Eden Project, the zoo etc. You will need to organise this before you go though, so make sure you contact them in advance.


Freddie absolutely loves reading, even from an early age. So although we do borrow books from the library (for free) we also buy books. We tend to buy them in bulk, so his favourites at the minute are David Walliams and James Patterson.

Educational Subscription Box

We change this quite regularly, but we subscribe to educational kids subscription boxes every month. The reason we change them regularly is if we had the same box every month he gets a little bored!

Educational Board Games

I have included this in here, but actually, we don’t generally buy them. Either Santa brings them for Christmas or he will ask for them for his birthday. But we absolutely love playing board games. Our all-time favourite is Frenetic (check out our Frenetic review, but we highly recommend it!)

Arts Supplies

We do get through a lot of paper! So this probably with ink costs us about £20 a month!

Sports Clubs / Theatre Club

This is something we did before we deregistered him from school. However, if your kids did not attend sports clubs, I would highly recommend it if they are homeschooled. Mainly so they can interact with their peer group while keeping fit! I am not going to go on about homeschool socialisation because quite frankly I find it ridiculous (Freddie spends more quality time with friends and family than ever before). But you get my meaning!

Homeschool Planner

We have tried all sorts of different homeschool planners, but we have finally settled on Trello. Check out how we use Trello for free as our homeschool schedule.

Homeschool Room

This is absolutely optional of course. You can homeschool from just about anywhere! We already had a home office so we made some slight adjustments. See how we have changed our homeschool room in our updated blog post.

Funding for Homeschooling

Now I wish this was the case, but no. If you home educate your child, you will get NO FUNDING. It is like private education, if you opt-out of state schooling, you have to pay for it.

However, you are just as entitled to tax credits and benefits if you homeschool as you are if your children attend school.

How much does homeschooling cost?

Zero. That’s right, it doesn’t have to cost you anything.
There are so many free home education resources you can use you don’t have to spend anything. Now, we spend more than this which I will detail below. But….

Can you homeschool for free?

Absolutely, there are so many free resources you can use. If you are on a tight budget you can home educate for FREE.

Is there funding for homeschooling?

If you home educate your child, you will get NO FUNDING. It is like private education, if you opt-out of state schooling, you have to pay for it.

how much does it actually cost to homeschool in the UK? Less than you think

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  1. Wow, only £1.75 for school lunches, we pay £2.30 each day for ours (although had the 1st 3 years free). If you’re at home, you still need to provide lunch, and wouldn’t you pay for transport/membership to home school groups/events etc if you do those? But you don’t have morning club or after school clubs/wrap round care which working parents have to pay for. Our school trips are cheap – probably only pay about £30 a year for all the cross school events and the 1 or 2 cheap trips a year in total. We don’t do big trips at our school until y5/6 when they have a residential. We do have the cost of swimming bus (about £35 a year), but his swimming has come on so much going twice a week.He certainly wouldn’t get to swim as much relying on me to take him regular.y

    Tbh, I’d much rather pay the money, have a child who’s educated (I hope) at a decent level across all the subjects better than I could probably do, with his peers, as well as getting the breadth of sport opportunities that he has to do (but would refuse out of school to try). Plus I wouldn’t lose my annual salary. Even if I wanted to home school, it wouldn’t be an option as I work full time and wouldn’t be willing to give up work to teach. I doubt as you said, that cost comes into the equation with people deciding to home school

    1. You are definitely right about the loss of income of course, which I haven’t taken into account here as I work from home. So yes of course home education isn’t for everybody (to be honest I hadn’t even considered it until about 6 months ago). Freddie had his first school residential in year 2 (I hated every minute of it!!! – But he of course loved it!!) so I think it massively depends on each school.

      The reason I actually wrote the post was because I honestly thought it would be costing me more, as I have heard many times before from home educators. But for us personally it is actually saving me money (which I will be saving for him to go to university).

      I haven’t got a problem with the school system at all, and to be honest I feel that for most children it is for the best. However, for us home education is definitely the way forward 🙂

  2. hey when this coronavirus mess up has ended I want to homeschool my daughter but I read something saying to homeschool your child you have to pay 13k a year for the schooling not the supplies or clothes but this says it’s free and another one said £300-600

  3. My daughter is 12 years old and I really would like to know more about homeschooling at this age range. Thanks in advance.

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