10 Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

To have a successful marketing campaign you must get your email marketing correct. If I am honest this is something I definitely struggle with. That is until I came across this amazing infograph which I am sharing with you below.

Some of the ten email tips seem so obvious once you see them written down. But it is a case of implementing them if you want to rock your email marketing strategy.

The first one is grow your email list the right way, and NOT by buying an email list!

The second one, which I personally am not great at, is not ignoring your new sign ups. If someone subscribes to your email list, DO NOT ignore them. Send them a nice welcoming email, even if it is to just say thanks.

Another problem for a lot of people is sending the same email out to everyone on your email list.

Get personal – did you know personalisation increases opening by 26%. Wow that is huge, I had no idea. “Hi there” compared to “Hi Clare” would definitely make the chances of me opening it more likely.

Make sure you send your emails based on your subscribers time zones. There is very little point in sending an email to a UK subscriber at the same time as a US subscriber.

Preheader – make sure you have one. This will give you a much higher chance of your subscriber opening the email.

Spell check and grammar check. It is so easy these days to implement automated spell checkers, so make sure you use this. However, also make sure you sanity check your emails before hitting send. I have to say if I get an email that has spelling mistakes in or is not grammatically correct nine times out of ten I just would delete it.

Email Marketing Infograph

10 email marketing do's and don'ts infograph #infograph #marketing #email

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