How to Encourage Child Reading Habit – Over 15 Fun Ideas

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How to encourage child reading is no easy task. But reading is one of the most important lessons children need to learn to be successful in life.

Benefits of Child Reading

  • Children that read tend to be more successful at school
  • Reading is great for improving empathy
  • It exercises the brain
  • Reading improves vocabulary and language skills
  • Helps to develop a child’s imagination
  • Teaches children about the World and different cultures
  • Reading improves concentration

How to Develop Reading Habit – Over 15 Fun Tips

Child reading should be fun try these easy tips on how to encourage it.

Reading on a Journey

If your child doesn’t suffer with travel sickness, like mine does. Reading in a car, bus, plane or train is a perfect way to pass the time. It doesn’t have to be a reading book, it could be a comic, or some information on where you are going.

How to Encourage Reading for Children - Reading while waiting for a train. How to develop reading habit in kids Child reading

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Bedtime Reading

If your child can read independently, reading at bedtime is a great way for your child to relax. Put your child to bed half an hour before they need to go to sleep and let them read. If they don’t enjoy reading books, what about a comic, newspaper, leaflet or a non fiction book. If you are looking for book ideas for 9 year old’s check out our favourites.

Read to your children

Most people stop reading to their children as soon as they can read independently. However, it is recommended you still read to your child until they are at least 11 years old. This is a great way of spending some quality time together too.

Kindle / Ipad

Personally I prefer reading actual books, but I think that is more about my age than anything else. But if your children enjoy playing on video games, maybe encourage them instead to read on the device.

Audio Books

If your child doesn’t enjoy reading books, then why not try an audio book? Or if they suffer with travel sickness, why not encourage them to listen to an audiobook? Pretty much everything these days is in audiobook format, including our favourite author, David Walliams.


This is my favourite tip of all! If your children are anything like Freddie they will love watching the TV. OK, fine, no problem. Turn the sound off and put the subtitles on! Boom, they are reading! I love it!

Comic / Newspapers

Reading is reading, it doesn’t have to be a classic book. If your children prefer the Beano for example, or First News (kids newspaper) then why not?

Take it in turns to read to each other

This can be done at any time. Either chose the same book or you both chose your favourite books and take it in turn to read a page. This is a great way for children to see and listen to you reading.

Extreme Reading

Another of my favourites is “extreme reading!”. How many weird and wonderful places can your child find to read? They can keep a diary or you could take photos. What about in the garden, in the bath, or on a swing. The options are endless, however, make sure they stay safe!!

Encouraging reading by extreme reading on a swing. How to develop reading habit in students

Song Lyrics

Have you a budding musician on your hands? Well why not encourage them to read song lyrics? George Ezra is one of our favourites. We will watch them on youtube with the lyrics, mainly as we all normally sing the completely wrong words!

Always Carry a Book

Encourage your children to always carry a book with them, or keep one in your bag. If they get bored while you are in the queue at a supermarket for example they can stand with you and read. This would be another great place for their extreme reading journal.

Over 15 tips on how to encourage child reading #reading #books #homeschool. How to develop reading habit in kids

Family Book Club

This is such a great idea, everyone in your family reads the same book, just like in an adult book club. Then, you get together to discuss and do activities about the book. This is a lovely way to spend time together and bond.

Check out over 35 homeschool activities here if you need inspiration.


Although local libraries are closing everywhere, if you are lucky enough to have one near you, this is a great place to go to get books. They normally have a little reading corner too. I am not sure if it is everywhere but in our local library we can take out 10 books at a time.

How to Encourage Reading for Children - Go to the library

Create a reading area

Now this can be anywhere in the house where you might have some room. Put lots of cushions on the floor, or sofa and make this a quiet place. You could even make it into a den. If they like reading aloud maybe put some of their favourite teddies in there with them.

Write a book review

This is a great way to encourage reading in the homeschool day. After they have finished their book ask them to write a book review. It doesn’t have to be long and it could be in a comic format, or list, whatever they are comfortable with. That way it will encourage them to retain the information and retell it in their own words.

Write a Film vs Book Comparison

I have previously mentioned that David Walliams is our favourite author, but Roald Dahl and so many other books have been turned into films. Ask your children to compare the book against the film. Every time we have done this, the book always is the best according to Freddie.

Ask questions about the book

At breakfast or dinner when you are all together, ask questions about the book they are reading. Who is their favourite character and why? What is the book about, how does it make them feel?

Reading should be fun, if you have any other tips on how to encourage child reading please let me know in the comments below.

Do you want to encourage your children to read? Check out these fun tips, child reading tips
How to Encourage Child Reading Habit - Over 15 Fun Ideas
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How to Encourage Child Reading Habit - Over 15 Fun Ideas
Child Reading is an important lesson children need to learn to be successful. How to develop reading habit in children - 15 FUN tips
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How to Encourage Child Reading Habit - Over 15 Fun Ideas
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