Why I Create A Special Family Photobook Every Year

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We don’t tend to print out many photos, however, every year we create a family photobook. Well, apart from the hundreds of photos we have going up the stairs of course!!!!

What is especially nice is that Freddie now nearly 9 remembers everything we have ever done.

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At least once every 3 months he will look back through all of our family photo albums to remember.

He even shares them with his friends, who often will appear in our family photobook. They all love looking through and seeing what they have been up to in the past. They also enjoy seeing how much they have changed.

We have been creating these annual memory photo books since Freddie was born, so there is one for every year (Actually the first 2 years are included in one book, as I worked full time). But ever since we have made sure to take lots and lots of photos.

The photos in the books have mainly just been taken on my phone, and lots are not even “instagrammable”!! BUT, they are perfect memories and they mean so much to us.

These are the last 7 years photo books. We absolutely love them, and they live in the living room for all to see.

Annual PhotoBook for the perfect family memories

Dec 2009 – 2011 Family Photobook

The first-ever family photo book we created was this one.

This covered the first two years of Freddie’s life.

I can’t believe he was ever that small, he is now in a size 4 shoe and soon will be taller than his grandma. I am 5 foot 9 and a half (yes that extra half an inch is important!!) so it will be a while before he is taller than me.

1st PhotoBook

This is a page from inside the book. I try and get as many photos as I can per page (as there are literally thousands!). Never mind Freddie, I can’t believe how different me and Stuart look! Especially without the beard!!

1st PhotoBook inside

2012 Family PhotoBook

This is a special book, as this is the year I gave up work to become a full time mum.

It is the best decision I have ever made. We got to spend so much time together and had so much fun.

In fact, this is more about what it is like now. We have been home educating now for 5 months so we are always together. We both love it.

2nd Family PhotoBook
Photo Collage for Family Photo Book

2013 Family Photobook

Ah, this is the year we got our Westie, Marlo.

2013 family photobook
Photo Collage for family photobook

2014 Family Photo Book

This is another special one, as this is when Freddie started school. He no longer goes, as he is now homeschooled, but this wasn’t until 2018. Look how little he was when he first started. As Freddie is a December baby, he was one of the oldest as well.

2nd Photo Book
1st Day of school photo

We managed to fit a trip to Legoland Windsor in before he started school. We stayed in the Lego hotel and it was amazing. Although it was incredibly expensive.

Photo Collage for Family Photo Album Book

Haha, do you remember the ice bucket challenge? Well, Freddie won’t forget! Although to be fair this was warm water!!!

Ice Bucket Challenge!

Well, we do love a good North Pole Breakfast!

North pole Breakfast photo book

2015 Family Photo Book

We didn’t really do too much in 2015, we had a couple of holidays to Centre Parks, and went on holiday to Brittany. But apart from that nothing too exciting happened. Although there are still about 60 pages of photos, so we had lots of days out.

2015 Family Photo Album Book

2015 Family Photo Album Book Collage

2016 Family Photo Book

This photo book is one of my favourites as we went to New York, Naples Florida and Disney and Universal in 2016.

This was the start of our long haul travel with Freddie. We had actively avoided long haul travel until now, as we thought he was a bit too young.

2016 Family PhotoBook Cover
2016 Family Photo Album Book inside Collage
2016 Family Photo Album Book inside Collage 2

2017 Family Yearbook

This is the most recent photobook we have as it is 2017.

Another great thing about these family photo books is you can add 2 photos on the front and back cover. I always opt for a hardcover A4 portrait book, but there are lots of different options.

2017 Family Photo Album Book Cover
2017 Family PhotoBook Back Cover
2017 Family Photo Album Book Collage

This is one of our favourite holidays, we spent our 40th and 50th birthdays in Jamaica.

2017 Family Photo Album Book Jamaica

Christmas at home. God, I love Christmas!

2017 Family PhotoBook Christmas

These books mean so much to us and we look at them all the time.

Why not treat your family to one for Christmas? You could make one for each holiday you have, or just of a special occasion.

Do you create a family photo album book every year?

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Why I Create A Special Family Photo Album Book Every Year
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Why I Create A Special Family Photo Album Book Every Year
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