Unique Gift Ideas for Dad this Father’s Day

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Socks, aftershave, a new pair of slippers… The list of Father’s Day gift ideas often features these rather dull, everyday items that, even though dad may be in need of them, don’t inspire much excitement.

So how can you add an extra-special touch to Father’s Day this year?

Here are some great (and unique) gift ideas that’ll go down far better than a boring pair of socks!

Father’s Day Gift for the Active Dad

Does your dad never sit still? Or does he love to try daring new activities?

Then why not book him something really fun this Father’s Day with an activity you and he can enjoy together?

Sky Diving

This could be something truly exhilarating like sky diving or it may be a fishing or camping break at a nearby site.

Activities for All Dads  

As well as energetic activities, there are also other types that may suit your dad better. This could be a trip to the cinema, a meal out at his favourite restaurant or something as simple as a new jigsaw puzzle that you can do together.

Ultimately, if your dad is one of those dads who’s hard to buy for, activities are your best option. After all, is there anything you treasure more than the great memories that you make together?

Gifts for the Well-Groomed Dad

If your dad enjoys taking care of himself and isn’t seen without some gel in his hair and a splash of aftershave on his face, why not gift him a pamper hamper?

Father's Day Gift ideas for the groomed man

Going so much further than the bog-standard aftershave gift, a pamper hamper treats him to a few luxuries that he might need as well as few others he might not have tried before. This may include gorgeous body wash, a luxury face moisturiser and a fun face mask that he may mock but will secretly enjoy.

Hampers for All Dads

You can turn this hamper idea into anything you like, too, choosing something that fits in with dad’s tastes. For example, if he loves his cars, some of his favourite car magazines teamed with some posh car wash and other cool accessories will make his day. And these gifts are easy to post if you aren’t going to be with dad this Father’s Day – just look at courier services like Parcel2Go for the best prices.

Gifts that Don’t Have to Cost Much

If dad won’t appreciate you spending lots of money on him, there are still plenty of things you can do to make Father’s Day special.

Fathers Day Gifts - Breakfast in bed

From cooking him breakfast in bed to treating him to a three-course home-cooked dinner, all of these heartfelt ideas are sure to go down a storm. Even handmade cards or handwritten poems can be all he needs to feel like the luckiest dad in the world.

What Father’s Day Gift are you getting for Dad this year? Let me know in the comments below.


I am Clare, a homeschooling mum in the UK to my gorgeous 9 year old son, Freddie. We also live with my bearded husband Stuart.

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