Air Travel with a Toddler – 8 Top Tips

Flying with a toddler is different to what you may be used to. Long gone are the days of sitting back with your ear phones in watching the latest films. But you shouldn’t let that put you off. Here are a few tips to make flying with a toddler a little easier …

Check-in in advance:

This will this save you time on the day of travel and also means you can make sure the whole family are sitting together – which will ultimately save time seat swapping once the plane is boarded.

Dress everyone in comfy clothes:

A toddler in discomfort is a recipe for disaster, so make sure you choose uncomplicated outfits made from soft fabrics that can be removed easily should a drink be spilled and don’t forget the spare sets of clothes in your hand luggage in case of accidents.

Bring entertainment:

A bored child is more likely to misbehave so arm yourself with books, games and a tablet so they can listen to music and watch videos during the flight.;

Air Travel with a Toddler - 8 Top Tips Bring Entertainment

Stock up on wet wipes:

Even if your toddler is out of nappies they are useful for a multitude of things

Pack drinks and snacks (for you and them):

It’s amazing how food and drink can calm down the worst of moods. Bring empty bottles for everyone that you can fill up after security and prepare simple snacks like fruit pots, mini sandwiches and crackers that everyone can enjoy. Much healthier (and cheaper!) than plane food.

Board early:

Many airlines allow families with young children to board before other passengers, so take advantage of this if you can. It gives the chance to store your luggage and get settled before everyone else boards the plane and, as a bonus, you’ll spend less time waiting in queues.

Bring Activities:

Give each child their own bag for the plane filled with colouring pencils, colouring books and any other small, inexpensive games you think they might enjoy. If you are flying with a baby make sure you have comforters.

Take regular trips to the toilet:

Before you leave the house, at the airport, when you’re up in the air… better safe than sorry.

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