Changing a Playroom into a Cool Gaming Room

We have recently changed Freddie’s playroom into a cool gaming room.

He is nearly 9 and his playroom, had just turned into a dumping ground of old toys, that never get played with and just junk.

So a couple of months ago we decided to change his playroom into a gaming room.

A space where him and his friends can game!

He currently has a Wii U and a Nintendo Switch. The Switch is brilliant as he can play it at home, or take it around to one of his friends.

Black Out Blinds

The most important thing for us was getting some nice black out blinds. Now this might seem fairly straight forward, however, a lot of the ones I had seen had been aimed for younger children.

This black out blind from English Blinds was made to fit, and although would look great in a nursery, it looks fantastic in Freddie’s game room. It complements the grey and white stripe curtains perfectly.

Now I hate all things DIY, and never normally allow myself to measure anything of any importance. Stuart is a perfectionist and it just isn’t worth the hassle!! However, he was working away and I NEEDED these blinds! Anyway it was really easy, now don’t laugh, there are lots of different ways you can measure a window!! Honestly!!! The people at English Blinds have a detailed how to guide, which I followed to the letter.

They arrived really quickly and wait for it……….. they fitted!! They were super easy to put up, and the quality of the blind is much better than other blinds we have.

English Blinds blackout blinds for gaming room

World Map

Yes we are slightly travel obsessed in this house, as we have at least 2 world maps in our homeschool room too. But this one is really awesome, and very colourful, perfect for a gaming room.

This is currently available at Etsy, I can’t remember where we got ours to be honest, as we’ve had it for years.

World Map for gaming room

TV and Games Console

Now of course you can’t have a gaming room without a TV and games console! This is a TV / DVD combi one so he can watch some of his many DVDs in peace.

Tv and Console for Gaming Room


Now we have hundreds of books in every single room, so the books in his gaming room are actually mainly picture books from when he was much younger. Most of his reading books are either in his bedroom or in his homeschool office. But, he didn’t want to get rid of them, and he still reads them now.

Books and DVD for gaming room

DVDs and Games

No gaming room would be complete without games! He has a few but his favourite games change all the time. On his Christmas list is definitely Hello Neighbour though.

I absolutely hate gaming, so I monitor it very tightly.

Johnny English is his new favourite, we went to see the new one at the cinema recently. He finds it so funny, if you have kids over the age of 7 they would absolutely love it.

If you are looking for more ideas check out Jens post about a teenage gamer bedroom.

365 games

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Changing a Playroom into a Cool Gaming Room
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Changing a Playroom into a Cool Gaming Room
Changing a Playroom into a Cool Gaming Room
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