Gorgeous Kids Clothing from POMPdeLUX

I don’t know about you, but I always struggle to find nice trendy clothes (at a reasonable price) for boys. As we are homeschooling now Freddie is wearing more and more clothes, also he has constant growth spurts! He is only 8 years old and is currently in age 10 clothes, so finding clothes for him that are of great quality and within a budget is essential.

I have recently come across an online company, POMPdeLUX. We always shop online (even for our food!)  as Freddie hates shopping! They cater for kids aged from 3 months all the way up to 15 years old.

POMPdeLUX Baby Boys Clothing

The clothes are just gorgeous, and really unique. You won’t find have of your children’s kids wearing them. But you will undoubtedly get asked lots of questions about where you shop!

POMPdeLUX Baby Clothing

Not only do POMPdeLUX sell gorgeous clothes they have some rather lovely accessories, like this super cute hat. You can order your entire kids wardrobe from here! They have 2 collections per year, and the photos below are from their new Autumn / Winter collection.

POMPdeLUX Accessories

The jackets are also fantastic, but they do everything from: functional outerwear; fleece; snowsuits; coverall; jackets; shell jackets and shell pants; ski pants; softshell and waistcoats.


I find it so hard to find nice boys hoodies, but I just love the POMPdeLUX ones.

POMPdeLUX Clothes

POMPdeLUX Kids Clothing

Pricing – As an example a boys t-shirt would cost 17.99 EUR (roughly £16)

Size Guide – As this is a European store the sizes are based on cm and not age. To be honest, I always have to check these anyway as Freddie is not a typical age 8 as he is 140cm. So I would definitely recommend checking this before purchasing. This handy size guide is available to view on each item of clothing.

Size Guide for European Clothes

About – They are a company based in Denmark, but they deliver worldwide. POMPdeLUX’s collections are designed from scratch and everything is produced with care and a high level of quality – fully compliant with European standards.

Postage Costs are 15 EUR if you live in the EU, which works out at about £13.

Delivery Time – they aim to pack and send your delivery within 5-7 working days, and these DHL for shipment.

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Have you ordered from POMPdeLUX before? I would love to hear your comments below.

POMPdeLUX Unique Kids Clothing available online

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