Moosiko Review: Awesome Homeschool Guitar Lessons

Moosiko offers online guitar lessons for kids that help them to learn the first part of their favorite song in just 30 minutes.

This is a great online homeschool music curriculum.

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What is Moosiko?

Are you a homeschool mom who wants to teach music but doesn’t know how to actually play an instrument?

Taking online guitar lessons for kids is the only way we could actually learn to play.

Moosiko is a new online guitar learning platform that teaches beginners how to play their favorite songs and build skills on guitar. 

Moosiko: Online Guitar Lessons for Kids to Enjoy in your Homeschool

Benefits of Learning Musical Instruments for Kids

Learning an instrument should be required for any elementary (homeschooled or not) curriculum because the benefits far outweigh the investment.

Learning and playing music for children improves:

  • memory skills
  • hand-eye coordination
  • fine motor skills
  • math/reading skills
  • encourages rigid discipline.

This not only drastically aids learning development in other areas, but playing music is a skill that will be with someone for life. And who knows, maybe you’ll create the next rock star! For only £40 for a used guitar, the investment is well worth it. Plus playing music is just super fun!

Moosiko: Online Guitar Lessons for Kids

Homeschool Guitar Lessons

Finding a music education resource for homeschooled children can be difficult. Private guitar instructors are expensive and oftentimes inconvenient.

online music tutor

Video-based content like YouTube and other sites are not personalized which results in boredom and uninterested students. And once boredom sets in, it is a quick spiral to discouragement and eventually giving up.

A more effective and fun way to learn is using students’ favorite songs like ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen or ‘Hakuna Matata’ from the Lion King.

Moosiko Review

This is where Moosiko really makes a difference. Moosiko provides a personalized, song-based approach to get students playing their favorite songs quickly and easily.

The library of over 120 songs allows users to pick and play songs they love plus the Moosiko Magic Button recommends new songs to learn for every user based on their skills, so every user gets a personalized learning path via their favorite songs.

Moosiko is only £8 per month ($9.99 USD). You can request new songs if you want to teach your children songs they don’t yet have in their library.

Signup for Moosiko and start your children on their musical journey!

If you are looking for alternatives in the UK these online guitar lessons for kids are also fantastic.

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