The Best Day Out at Harry Potter World Tour

When we were invited to the Harry Potter Studios London Blogging tour event we were over joyed. It has been something we had wanted to do for ages, but never got round to actually booking it.

Now I actually have a confession to make….. I have never read any of the books, nor have I watched the films. I know I think I must be the only one on the planet! Freddie has though, he has seen all of the films with his Dad. So he was rather excited.

We went to Universal Studios in 2016 and the Harry Potter World there was great. However, nothing like Harry Potter Studios London.

When we arrived I was very surprised to see lots of construction work, and in all honesty I initially thought it looked quite small!! There were lots of photo opportunities before you go in though, so it was certainly very organised.

Have you seen this wizard? Outside of Harry Potter Studios London

Before you go in, there is a bag check and security, which to be honest I absolutely love. You just feel a lot more secure. Although the security guard who looked through my handbag, actually commented that mine was one of the worst he had ever seen!!! Lots of makeup, sweets etc!!!

As you walk through to the actual tour there is a massive corridor again with lots of different quotes and pictures.

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. Harry Potter Tour Warner Bros London

There is a cafe, an amazing shop and plenty of seating before your tour actually starts.

Harry Potter Studios London

As you enter, there is a 10 minute chat with one of the many tour guides followed by a 15 minute cinema show talking about Harry Potter. You then are left to your own devices to look round.

OMG, you know I said earlier it looked small!! Well it is absolutely huge. We were there for 3 hours (we didn’t go into the tour until 6.45pm) and we honestly rushed round it.

We could have easily stayed there for another 3 hours.

The many staff were incredibly friendly and knowledgeable and clearly enjoyed working there.

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According to Freddie it was the best day out he has ever had! Now that is pretty impressive as we have had a lot of days out!

I have to agree, it was magical. Like I have said I know nothing about Harry Potter, but I had such a great time. The props, the models, the forest, the fountain, everything was just amazing.

If you are wanting to book you can get tickets with return transportation to London here:



Have you been to Harry Potter Studios London? Let me know in the comments which was your favourite bit.


If you don’t live near by check out the hotels near Harry Potter World here from Trip Advisor.


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  1. mummywho
    June 13, 2018 / 11:36 am

    I love Harry Potter World Tour! It was one of the best days out and we didn’t have any kids at the time. Such a fab day. My partner hadn’t watched the films/read the books either and he loved it

    Kate xx