Heatwave & Fun in the Sun

It is unseasonable hot in the UK today, in fact I would say we are having a heatwave. So its nearly bed time, the weather is absolutely glorious and we are going to have a water fight! Stu gets home from work late and as Freddie has been so desperate to play with him he promises him a water fight…. What could go wrong! Well Freddie insisted on putting his swimming clothes on for this challenge, and he had the bigger of the water blasters. Now Stu who by the way is nearly 50 is the most competitive person I know and Freddie is following suit, so Stu has the 2 smaller shooters and decides rather than wait fairly for the small child to shoot gives it to him with both barrels! The screaming, honestly it was like there were 50 girls squealing in the back garden! Anyway I think Stu must have been out of water as they came in equally wet, in fact with Freddie telling me Daddy was the wettest (like I said they are both as competitive as each other).




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