7 Ways To Get Summer Body Confidence

I have been struggling with my weight now for a couple of years. I am definitely plus size, and I hate it. But I have finally come to realise, at 41 years old. I either embrace it, or do something about it, I can not go on being miserable in my own body. Check out my tips on how to get summer body confidence.

Disclosure – I was gifted this tankini from UK Swimwear, but all views are my own.

I have not always been plus size, in fact in my early 20’s I was a size 8 (which is ridiculous as I am 5’9 and a half – [yes the half makes a difference!!] and I am big boned. But even then, I still had body confidence issues. I would wear a bikini, but I would certainly cover up when I was walking around the pool. I am and always have been a confident person, but in my underwear is a very different matter!!!

The bigger I got my body confidence just got worse and worse. Of course on holiday this is heightened as I want to feel comfortable enough to wear swimwear.

The last couple of years I have opted for a tankini as it is like wearing a bikini but covers up the unsightly belly! But there came another problem. I couldn’t find nice plus size tankinis. UK Swimwear however was my saviour! They have gorgeous swimwear in sizes ranging from size 8 – size 26. Not only do they do plus size they also offer a great selection of mastectomy swimwear.

7 Tips on How to Feel More Body Confident on Holiday

Fake Tan. A tan is definitely thinning, however, I have certainly had a few mishaps! My favourite was when my step son told me I looked orange! However, before I go on holiday or get my legs out, I ALWAYS make sure they have fake tan on them!

Good Swimwear – there is nothing better than feeling good in your swimwear. If it doesn’t fit or looks worn you won’t feel as confident.

Water proof makeup – now I am not one of those women who have a full face of makeup on by the pool. However, I still do wear a little face makeup and mascara. I just feel more confident that way. If I feel more confident, I have a better time.

Hair Care – I have long hair and nearly always wear it up anyway. But on holiday as it is hot, I will nearly always wear it in a high pony tail or a messy bun. I certainly don’t want to be ruining it by blow drying it twice a day… so I don’t. I also always carry leave in moisturiser with me and this is a lifesaver for my hair.

Heels – Now I know this always makes me look better, however, I definitely opt for comfort these days. So live in my flats. I always do take a pair of heels with me though, and I always feel better wearing them. Apart from after though when my feet are killing!!

Posture – After years of dancing when I was younger, I know how important posture is. In fact it is something I have let slip a little recently. However, when I stand tall with my stomach held in (well as much as I can!) and my shoulders down I know I look better.

Water – I have never enjoyed drinking water, however, over the last week I have made sure I have drunk at least 3 litres a day. Wow the difference I have felt. Even my eyes look brighter. This is even more important in the heat, so make sure you drink plenty.

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