Top 5 Reasons to Get Cover for Your Home Emergencies

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post

Running a home can take up a lot of time and if you are not careful, a lot of money. Home emergencies cost homeowners thousands of pounds each year, so getting some insurance cover to help with costs is a good idea. Many people don’t take the time to think about what potential pitfalls could be waiting around one of life’s corners. Here we are going to take a look at the top five reasons to get cover for home emergencies.

To Get Help in a Crisis

When disaster strikes, you can feel all alone, having to deal with things you may never have encountered before. With some cover in place, you have a number to call that can offer reassurance, support, and guidance in the middle of home emergencies. Not knowing what to do can lead to more disaster, so having someone at the other end of a phone to assist you in your moment of need is highly valuable.

To Deal with Pests

Very few people consider pests when thinking of a home emergency, but an infestation of insects or rodents can make your home unliveable. Cover is available for the cost of pest control and damage pests may cause. As our climate changes, sudden swells in pest populations during summer months have become an annual occurrence, so having cover for pest control is a worthwhile investment.

To Cover the Cost of Boiler Repair

When a boiler breaks, it can leave you feeling both cold and alone. With boiler repair cover you have someone to call and take care of it for you. Boiler repairs can be expensive if you need a full replacement, so getting home emergency cover could save you thousands in parts and labour. You can get very reasonably prices cover too. For example, if you take a look at Certi you can get cover from £4.95 a month. They also have an offer on throughout April where you can get 25% off for 6 months, so it could work out as a very cost effective option. 

To Cover the Cost of Boiler Maintenace

Just maintaining a boiler can set you back hundreds of pounds, and some parts need to be replaced at intervals. Just paying for a check once a year, which is very worthwhile to prevent a sudden loss of heating, can cost quite a lot of money. Getting boiler cover that pays for boiler maintenance, as well as breakdowns, is well worth looking for.

For Peace of Mind

Once you begin to appreciate all the things that could go wrong at any moment, it will never be far from your mind. For a very minimal expense, you can outsource all that worry, and a lot of the expense, when home emergencies strike. You can’t put a price on what stress and anxiety can cost you, having peace of mind when it comes to a house’s troubles is something you think money can’t buy, but it can.

Home emergencies can spiral into a never-ending disaster of constant repercussions. With one thing connected to the other, a small problem with the boiler may lead to a leak in a pipe, and on to damaged wiring. Don’t let a disaster ruin your life and look for some cover.


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