Your Home Office – Efficient Budgeting

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Regular readers of my homeschooling adventure will know that I’m a huge fan of efficient home budgeting. Getting the most out of the the unavoidable essentials plays a massive part in planning the monthly budget and not wasting a penny.

There are hidden costs virtually everywhere. Not least of which comes in the form of simply lighting and heating my home throughout the entire day (my thermostat never gets a rest!). When it comes to the home office. I’ve learnt plenty of ways to variously stretch and bend the budget to get the results I need without compromising on quality. In this modern age of working from home. I know that many of you will be looking for advice on reducing the running costs of your home office. Here are my top tips.

Go Almost Paperless

The notion of a paperless office if nothing new. And with email dominating official communications, there really can seem like times where a paperless office is truly achievable. However, due to the ever present online threat of cyber attacks, certain important documents should always be printed for added security.

Things like legal contracts, critical time tables, and invoices are always handy to have on standby in print, just in case. That’s why I advise shopping around for a high quality and long life printer cartridges (like Canon compatible ink cartridges) that won’t let you down when you need it most.

The value of having a robust ink cartridge on your side will really shine through. When you notice just how many important documents you are able to print without once having any jamming issues or random colour inconsistencies. We’ve all been there and felt that pain!

Furnishings (spend your time not your cash)

Brand new office furnishings from top retailers can set your back an eye watering amount of cash for what is essentially a table and a chair. A quick browse online and you’ll find desk and swivel chair combinations that cost more than most people’s first cars.

Home Office - Efficient Budgeting Office Lego Furniture

That’s fair enough. Some people have important meetings with important clients, and creating the right feel so as to help to land a new deal relies heavily on image.

But ask yourself this.. Do you really need the kind of powerful business executive suite nestled quietly in the spare room of your home? Sure, a few people are likely to pop in from time to time, including the occasional business meeting. But if you’re not signing multi million dollar record deals or overseeing the merging of multinational tech companies. Then you don’t need the expenditure of an office fit for such high rolling matters.

Try charity shops and online buy-n-sells. Pick up a bargain and kick back in less expensive style.

Scrap the Landline

Home Office - Efficient Budgeting Scrap the Old home telephone

Business landlines seem to be the only landlines left in the world. With email, mobile, and face-face online technology widely available. There’s really no need to fork out for the expense of a business landline (especially if you don’t make/receive that many calls and you are the only member of staff!).

As long as your online location details and all other contact details are present and correct. The lack of a landline shouldn’t affect your business image too much.

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