100 Best Homeschooling Programs UK

I have put together this huge list of over 100 of the best homeschooling programs that can be used in the UK.

Finding the best homeschooling resources is key to a successful journey.

Homeschooling is an amazing choice for parents who want to provide their children with a high-quality education. But it’s not always easy to find resources.

We have been homeschooling since June 2018 and it is the best thing we have done.

When we first started I was overwhelmed with how many FREE homeschool resources there were. But not all of these homeschool websites follow the UK national curriculum, which we do.

The reason we still follow the curriculum though is my son will be doing GCSEs. But, even though we follow the curriculum we still use some amazing American resources to help with homeschooling in the UK.

best homeschooling programs UK

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Homeschooling in the UK

We have been home educating for many years, and with the increased popularity, I am still surprised at how many people still don’t understand it.

You can teach your child at home, either full or part-time. This is called home education. You can get help with home education from your local council. As a parent, you must make sure your child receives a full time education from the age of 5 but you don’t have to follow the national curriculum.

Home Education UK

There are over 100 homeschooling UK resources included in this post, and I have reviewed a number for you. Where I have written a detailed review I have added a link next to the resource. I hope you find the reviews helpful.

Let me know in the comments (or email me) if you have any queries, and I will do my best to answer them for you. Check out the homeschool curriculum reviews we have written over the years.

These home education resources are frequently being updated, with any new resources we find, so keep popping back to see what’s new.

Before I share these awesome resources, I wanted to share with you our “bible” we have been using in the earlier years. The National Curriculum – Handbook for Primary Teachers is how we have managed to keep on track of what we needed to study in primary school.

Find out how to start homeschooling UK

Top 10 homeschooling websites for UK families

Best Homeschooling Programs UK, with logos of Curiosity Stream, IXL, Khan Academy, Duolingo, Generation Genius, Rosetta Stone, Adventure Academy, twinkl, edplace, and mel science.

In this section, I have only included the educational resources that we use and love.

We have reviewed most of these resources too. The reason I have included both Edplace and IXL is I can’t pick between them. We go between both resources but, you only need one of them.

See all of the homeschooling pros and cons and how to navigate this new journey.

Home education resources for the UK

  1. EdPlace: Covers KS1 to KS4, offering a trial period and subscription options for your educational needs.
  2. IXL: Provides resources for Maths and English, suitable for children from reception to year 13. New members are welcomed with a special offer. Explore our IXL reviews for more information.
  3. Twinkl: An essential resource for all areas of the curriculum, accommodating various age groups up to KS4. Find out how we incorporate Twinkl’s resources into our homeschooling experience.
  4. Adventure Academy: Geared towards children aged 8-13, this educational game covers science, maths, and English. Your kids will appreciate this resource. Check out our Adventure Academy reviews here. For younger kids (2-8), ABC Mouse from the same company is worth exploring—check out our ABCmouse review.
  5. BBC Bitesize: Suitable for children of all ages, BBC Bitesize offers a wide range of videos and informative articles, and it’s readily accessible.
  6. TES: While you can find free resources here, you also have the option to access specific topics or materials.
  7. Teachers Pay Teachers: A resource for students of all ages, featuring a variety of worksheets and materials.
  8. Teaching Packs: Gain access to a treasure trove of teaching packs encompassing a wide range of subjects.
  9. Activity Village: Access a plethora of printable activities for learning and exploration.
  10. Khan Academy: A fantastic source of personalized learning resources for learners of all ages, offering a diverse range of subjects.
  11. Education Quizzes: Offering educational quizzes for various age groups to bolster your curriculum.
  12. Quizlet: Free educational resources catering to students from KS1 to KS4.
  13. KM Tuition: Find free Maths, English, and Science worksheets, as well as past exam papers.
  14. Exemplar: Explore Maths and English resources, complete with access to online tutors or phone support. For more details, read my comprehensive review of Exemplar Education.
  15. Kidztype: Access free typing games for kids designed to improve touch typing skills.
  16. Typesy: Affordable access to an exceptional typing program tailored for kids, complete with engaging games. Dive deeper into this best homeschool typing curriculum in my review.
  17. Open Learn: Enjoy free learning resources from the Open University, which offers a wealth of knowledge for children aged 13 and over.
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Homeschooling primary school

  1. The School Run: A resource designed for primary school children, offering a trial period and various subscription options for extended access.
  2. Primary Leap: Tailored for primary school children with both free and premium subscription options.
  3. Top Marks: A source of free primary resources.
  4. Rising Stars: Provides primary school resources, including numerous free materials.
  5. Soft Schools: Offers a range of free resources for primary school students.
  6. Education.com: Provides resources for primary school children, with some available at no cost.
  7. Primary Resources: A collection of free materials for primary school children.
  8. Oxford Owl: Offers free resources for primary school children.
  9. Have Fun Teaching: Offers free resources and worksheets for primary school children.
  10. Skoolbo: Suitable for all primary school subjects and provides a 30-day trial.
  11. Apple for the Teacher: A valuable educational resource.
  12. Parents in Touch: A resource with educational offerings.
  13. K5 Learning: Offers free worksheets in maths and English.

English resources

English language written in chalk on a chalk board

If you are looking for the best homeschool spelling curriculum check out my latest blog post.

  1. Night Zookeeper: An online writing tool tailored for children aged 6-12, complete with interactive lessons. By following my link, you can access an exclusive offer. For more details, check out our Night Zookeeper review.
  2. Reading Eggs: A valuable resource to aid children in their reading journey, with a trial period and an annual subscription option.
  3. Literacy Shed: Provides a range of resources, including videos and worksheets, to support English learning for primary school children.
  4. Puzzle Maker: A handy tool for crafting personalized word puzzles.
  5. Nessy: A resource designed for children who benefit from additional support, without mentioning specific pricing.
  6. Teach your monster to read: A free resource aimed at helping children develop their reading skills.
  7. Picture Book Explorers: Offers a variety of resources, with options for both free and premium topics.
  8. WriteShop: A versatile writing homeschool curriculum suitable for all age groups. For an in-depth analysis, peruse our WriteShop review.
  9. Phonics Play: Ideal for younger children who are learning phonics, with a trial and access to free resources.

Maths resources

Math equipment including plastic magnetic numbers on math notepaper.
  1. The Maths Factor: Carol Vorderman’s online maths school catering to primary school children, with additional details in our review.
  2. Generation Genius: Provides engaging math videos and lesson plans. While it’s an American program, the quality will surely impress you. Read our Generation Genius review for more information.
  3. Mr. D Math: Offers a simplified approach to teaching algebra, explored in our Mr D Math review.
  4. Prodigy Maths: A fun and free “game” resource for primary school children.
  5. Corbett Maths: A free resource with videos, questions, and answers.
  6. Maths Watch: Covers math from primary to A-Level, suitable for multiple users.
  7. My Mini Maths: Offers over 1,300 free resources for primary school children.
  8. Conquer Maths: Supports math learning for children aged 4-19 years with a subscription option.
  9. Teach IT Maths: Tailored for KS3 and above, with both free and paid subscriptions available.
  10. Thinkster Math: Claims significant improvements in math scores and offers a 7-day free trial.
  11. Smartick Method: A fun online math curriculum for children aged 4-14, detailed in our Smartick review.
  12. Absolute Maths: A self-study/revision website for GCSE levels.
  13. Adapted Mind: Offers a free trial.
  14. Math Play Ground: A free resource with an option for paid subscriptions.
  15. MEP (Maths Enhancement Programme): Provides free resources up to A-Level students.
  16. Doodle Maths: A fun app offering math quizzes with both free and paid plans.
  17. Math Seeds: Great for children aged 3-9, with a subscription option.
  18. Math Whizz: Offers a free trial or a subscription for further access.
  19. Maths is Fun: Provides free resources for primary school children.
  20. Maths Gynie: Offers amazing free resources, videos, exam papers, and solutions for primary to A-Level students.
  21. Mathster: Provides free worksheets for GCSE and A-Level students.
  22. Maths Chase: Offers free times table tests.
  23. Transum: Features free mathematical activities, puzzles, problems, visual aids, investigations, and more.

School Zone - Addition & Subtraction Workbook - 64 Pages, Ages 6 to 8, 1st & 2nd Grade Math, Place Value, Regrouping, Fact Tables, and More (School Zone I Know It!® Workbook Series)School Zone – Addition & Subtraction Workbook – 64 Pages, Ages 6 to 8, 1st & 2nd Grade Math, Place Value, Regrouping, Fact Tables, and More (School Zone I Know It!® Workbook Series)School Zone - Addition & Subtraction Workbook - 64 Pages, Ages 6 to 8, 1st & 2nd Grade Math, Place Value, Regrouping, Fact Tables, and More (School Zone I Know It!® Workbook Series)New KS3 Maths 10-Minute Weekly Workouts - Year 8: ideal for catch-up and learning at home (CGP KS3 Maths)New KS3 Maths 10-Minute Weekly Workouts – Year 8: ideal for catch-up and learning at home (CGP KS3 Maths)New KS3 Maths 10-Minute Weekly Workouts - Year 8: ideal for catch-up and learning at home (CGP KS3 Maths)Year 2 Maths Workbook: Addition and Subtraction Practice Book for 6 - 7 Year Olds (KS1 Maths)Year 2 Maths Workbook: Addition and Subtraction Practice Book for 6 – 7 Year Olds (KS1 Maths)Year 2 Maths Workbook: Addition and Subtraction Practice Book for 6 - 7 Year Olds (KS1 Maths)Maths Made Easy Ages 5-6 Key Stage 1 Beginner (Carol Vorderman's Maths Made Easy)Maths Made Easy Ages 5-6 Key Stage 1 Beginner (Carol Vorderman’s Maths Made Easy)Maths Made Easy Ages 5-6 Key Stage 1 Beginner (Carol Vorderman's Maths Made Easy)KS2 Maths Textbook - Year 5: ideal for catch-up and learning at home (CGP KS2 Maths)KS2 Maths Textbook – Year 5: ideal for catch-up and learning at home (CGP KS2 Maths)KS2 Maths Textbook - Year 5: ideal for catch-up and learning at home (CGP KS2 Maths)



Black screen with kids hands playing with stars and rocks with the word science in the middle.

If you are looking for the best homeschool science curriculum you are going to love these:

  1. Mel Science: Offering a cutting-edge chemistry set delivered through a monthly subscription. You’ll receive up to three experiments each month, along with a free VR headset and Starter Kit. Explore our Mel Science review for exclusive coupon codes.
  2. Real Science Odyssey: While primarily an American program, you can purchase the Ebooks for an adaptable science curriculum. Check our Real Science Odyssey review for more details.
  3. Outstanding Science: A primary school resource available for £25 per year.
  4. Developing Experts: Bringing science education into your home for children aged 4 to 14 years. You can create a free 14-day trial account, providing access to over 700 interactive online science lessons.
  5. Mystery Doug: A valuable and free resource for science education.
  6. School Science: Another free resource to support your homeschooling journey.
  7. Sublime Science: Offers both free resources and amazing science-themed parties, which kids absolutely love.
  8. BBC Terrific Science: A source of free science resources to enrich your curriculum.
  9. Interactive Elements Table: Presents the periodic table in pictures and words, enhancing the understanding of chemical elements.


If you are looking for the best homeschool history curriculum you are going to love:

  1. Crash Course: A highly engaging YouTube channel covering a variety of subjects, including history and science, making it one of our top recommendations for homeschooling.
  2. Horrible Histories: An excellent resource for history education. You can find their entertaining and educational content on their official YouTube channel. It’s a fantastic way to make history come alive for students of all ages.


For the best homeschool geography curriculum resources, consider the following options:

  1. Lets Go Geography: While primarily an American program, it’s suitable for UK students as it’s available online. It explores 30 different countries every year, making it ideal for primary-aged children. You can also download a free lesson to get started.
  2. 3D Geography: Offers the opportunity to make models and provides a variety of valuable free resources for geography education.
  3. BBC Bitesize: A trusted source for free geography resources, covering primary to KS3 levels. It’s an invaluable tool for homeschooling.

Best foreign language resources

Blue screen with hello, hola, ni hao, and bonjour.

For the best homeschool foreign language curriculum check out these suggestions:

  1. Duo Lingo (Tiny Cards): An exceptional free app with 19 different languages to choose from, making language learning accessible and fun.
  2. Lingopie: Explore foreign languages while watching your favorite shows and cartoons. They offer a free 7-day trial to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your language learning journey. For more details, check out our Lingopie review.

Best coding websites

Robots. Coding for kids

For teaching coding to your children, explore the best coding websites for kids:

  1. Play Osmo: An engaging and enjoyable way to introduce coding and programming to your kids. Consider our Osmo Coding Starter Kit review for a detailed look at these exceptional tools.
  2. Code.org: A free resource that provides a wide range of coding and programming activities for students.
  3. Scratch: Another free resource that offers a creative and fun environment for kids to learn and practice coding.
  4. Codeacadamy: A free platform with interactive coding courses and projects to enhance coding skills.
  5. GamEd Academy: An innovative approach to learning through play, using Minecraft as an educational tool to teach coding.

Best homeschool art resources

Childs drawing of a house with 2 people a sun, and a tree. With coloring pencils.

If you are looking for the best homeschool art curriculum check out these suggestions:

  1. toucanBox: Inspired by Montessori learning and promoting STEAM education, toucanBox offers offline activities for children aged 3 to 8. They provide custom craft materials and activities delivered right to your doorstep, supporting children’s key skills development and well-being.
  2. Red Ted Art: A valuable resource with plenty of free art ideas and printables to inspire creative projects.
  3. Krokatak: Offers an abundance of free arts and crafts ideas, along with videos and printables for artistic exploration and inspiration.

Music resources

To find the best homeschool music curriculum for your family, consider the following resources:

  1. Music In Our Homeschool: This source provides a wealth of valuable resources, including a 10-week Shakespeare course. You can explore their offerings and top tips for introducing Shakespeare into your curriculum.
  2. Tremolo Online Guitar Lessons for Kids: A UK-based online guitar tutor offering lessons for children, making music education accessible from home.

Best homeschooling resources for KS3

For comprehensive resources tailored to Key Stage 3 and IGCSE, consider:

  1. Echo Education: Provides courses for IGCSE and Key Stage 3, offering options with or without tutor support.

Best homeschooling tutors

If you’re seeking live online classes for your children, explore:

  1. Outschool: A platform offering a variety of online classes. To learn more, read our Outschool review.
  2. My Tutor: A leading online tutoring service in the UK, with private tuition options starting at just £20 per hour. Highly recommended by families, as highlighted in our MyTutor review.
  3. Mark My Papers: An independent marking service that assesses your children’s work. You can scan their assignments to them, and they provide detailed feedback. This service is available for children from Key Stage 2 up to A Levels.

Best homeschooling National Curriculum books

For homeschooling in alignment with the National Curriculum in England, consider these valuable resources:

  1. The National Curriculum in England – Handbook for Primary Teachers (updated 2020): A foundational guide that serves as a crucial reference for homeschooling and maintaining consistency with the national curriculum.
  2. CGP books: These books are highly regarded and serve as a useful supplement to break up online learning, providing additional support for various subjects.
  3. Cambridge IGCSE Test Papers: Ideal for comprehensive practice and preparation for the Cambridge IGCSE exams.
  4. Collins SATS Workbooks: Valuable workbooks designed to support students as they prepare for the SATs.
  5. Maths No Problem: A comprehensive math resource for primary education, helping students develop a strong foundation in mathematics.

Home Education UK Facebook group

  1. For a supportive and vibrant online community, consider joining the Home Education UK Facebook group, which boasts over 50,000 active followers, offering a wealth of resources and advice. (I am not affiliated in any way with this group.)

Homeschooling in the UK for free

  1. If you are looking for the most concise list of the best free homeschool curriculum check out my most recent post.
  2. If you are needing a free homeschool scheduler, look no further than Trello for homeschool.
  3. Before you start check out the average cost of homeschooling.

I hope you find these home education websites useful. If you know of any other homeschooling UK resources please let me know in the comments and I will add them.

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  1. Hi, Thank you for sharing this great list. I don’t suppose you would know of a good online supplier for science materials and equipment based in the UK? I’ve only managed to come across one called Better Equipped, but wanted to know if you know of any others. Thanks!

  2. My kid wants to build a gaming PC, loads of America courses but no UK ones. Would an American qualification, pass in the UK?

    1. Hi if he just wants to learn to build a gaming PC then any course would help (the only difference I believe between America and UK is that the voltage is different.) What do you mean for a qualification though, how old is he? If you want to message me I am happy to talk you through it in more detail.

  3. Hi, thanks for this incredible list. We are considering homeschooling and we are still full with doubts. My kids study in a brick and mortar school by now. We are spanish but they study 100% in english in a british school located in Spain. My concerns are these, hopefully you can help us with this.

    We want to follow the UK national curriculm, and in time, take the GCSE exams. How do they take exams to be certified for example, that they have accomplished year 9?. hw do we enroll them in GCSE? do we need a certificate from uk authorities that they have completed this or that year?

    A lot of questions maybe?!

    thanks anyway.


  4. Wow this is a great collection of resources for home schooling whether permanent or during the school holidays or revision time.

  5. hi. thanks so much for creating this list. would you be able to indicate if the resource is from america or the UK? kind regards.

    1. Hi some of these resources are American, and some are English. However, as they are all online resources they can be used by everyone 🙂

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