10 Top Tips For House Maintenance

Buying a house is of course the biggest financial burden you will face. What people generally don’t make you aware of though is the constant maintenance that is required when you own your own house.

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There is of course the daily cleaning involved, but here is a list of top tips for house maintenance:

Top Tips for House Maintenance

  • Carpet cleaning – Now I don’t mean just hoovering! We have a cream carpet in our living room, which with a 9 year old and his mates the carpet needs a regular carpet wash. You can either get professionals in to do this for you, or you can buy your own machine for less than £100. This is the option we have gone for as I am a clean freak and wash the carpets at least once a month.
Top Tips for House Maintenance
  • Clean the filter on your hoover – Now this should be done ideally once a month. However, if I am honest, I probably only do this once every 6 months. As soon as it is done though the difference it makes to the cleaning of the carpets is amazing.
  • Cleaning the cooker hood filters – I do this monthly and the oil and grease that comes off them is gross!
  • Check your fire alarm battery – this is often something that is overlooked. But this should be done monthly. They all have a test button on them so it is very easy to do.
  • Clean your cooker – if your cooker is dirty it can give off a really horrible smell and generally is really smokey. You can either get the professionals in who will charge around £100 to do a deep clean (which I have to say is well worth it, it is like having a new cooker!) Or you can try and clean it yourself. I put the oven trays into the dishwasher and run it with a dishwasher cleaner and they come out brilliant.
  • Clean your washing machine – this is something I didn’t realise I was meant to do until I was about 30 when my mum came around to use my washing machine! Oops! You need to take out the drawer and give it a good scrub to get rid of the old soap.
  • Clean out gutters – this is something you can normally get your window cleaner to look at for you. But if you live near lots of trees this is normally something that needs doing annually.
  • Check caulking around the shower – this is something that we do every year. Either it has gone a horrible black colour or it has come off. It looks so much nicer once you have done it.
  • Clean shower heads – Take the shower head off and give it a good clean in washing liquid will do. But this will definitely improve the water pressure and prolong the life of the shower head.
  • Hoover the back of your fridge (if you can get to it!) Ours is now integrated, so this is a hard task. But previously when we have had stand alone fridges, I would hoover the coils at the back. This could save you about £50 per year on your electricity bill. As your fridge would be running more efficiently.

What are your top tips for house maintenance? Please let me know in the comments below.

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