Interior Summer Style on a Budget

Disclosure – This is a collaborative post

If you’re anything like me, winter means that darker furnishings tend to creep into the living room and kitchen areas. From deeper toned vases and darker shades of candles, to cushions, throws, rugs, and even your clothes. Everything takes a turn towards the dimmer end of the spectrum when the sun goes away.

Interior Summer Style

But here’s some big news: the sun is back! Yay. OK, enough of that, no time to celebrate for too long. Because the return of the sun means you’ve got some serious catching up to do with your interior décor. All those stuffy potted plants and dusty piles of winter shoes in the corner simply won’t do. It’s time to brighten up your surroundings. This is not only fun to do, but it’ll help lift your mood, too!

Lighter Edges Draw the Eye

Call me old fashioned, but I usually tend towards colours that mix and match quite well without ever standing out. That said, there’s one thing I’ve been missing out on: using white to help to create space.

This is a tip I picked up from a friend of mine, who has a dark oak wood floor and dark blue patterned wallpaper: add a white skirting board. The effect is outstanding. The clean and presentable look adds a flash of brightness in amongst the dark colours. Kept clean, a gleaming white skirting board will lend a hint of sophistication to the place (check out this website for ideas that look great and won’t break the bank).

Interior Summer Style - Add White Skirting Boards

Exposed Light Bulbs

If you want a lighter and more airy feel to your home interiors this season. Switch your lighting fixtures from dark lamp shades and other coverings for glass fish-bowl style fixtures, and pair with retro-feel LED filament bulbs.

This is not only a relatively cheap way to do away with dark and dull featureless lighting fixtures that direct light downwards and soak up any natural light, but the LED style bulbs will help to lower your average electricity bill due to the reduced running costs.

Don’t like the look of fish-bowl fixtures? Why not try an LED string of lights hung in among some taller fake plants and shrubbery. This ‘stary’ look is very appealing and can be achieved at less than the cost of purchasing glass light fixtures.

Mirrors. Mirrors Everywhere.

There’s an art to placing mirrors in a room so as to make the most of the available natural light. Admittedly, I’m no lighting guru, but my brief foray into researching how mirrors can help to brighten up a living space has led me to a few realisations.

Interior Summer Style - Add Mirrors

First, most living room shave a large mirror and yours is probably on the wrong wall. Why? Because in order to make the most of the natural light, the largest mirror in the room should be placed directly opposite the main window. Most of us choose the fireplace or mantel piece on a sidewall on which to hang our mirrors, making ineffective use of the light.

Second, you need more than one mirror. Make use of the reflected natural light. By adding mirrored surfaces such as mirrored candle lanterns and mirrored photo frames along the edges of the room.

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