What Are Your Kids Talking About?

Nothing makes you feel out of the loop quite like listening to your kids speaking and not having a clue what they’re actually talking about. Every generation adopts its own form of slang. It’s natural. Different phenomena occur in each generation’s life that results in phrases and terms being conjured up to explain said phenomena.

The 50s had wordy slang. A stark alternative to today’s slang which tends to minimise the amount of words or letters used. Daddy-O, cut the gas, cruisin for a bruisin… all phrases that came and went out of fashion pretty quickly. The 60s fostered some phrases that throw a real sense of nostalgia into the mix when used today. Having a gas, groovy, righteous.

Things change significantly over time and chances are that whatever slang was being used while you were growing up has come and gone. And been replaced by a whole new dictionary curated by millennials and generation Z. If you have kids, you can quickly feel lost when overhearing their conversations. You might feel like texts and other messages that they send to you are a complete puzzle.

So, what can you do to keep in the loop? Well, the answer is to simply look things up! The infographic by NetVoucherCodes.co.uk below should help to get you started off on the right foot! The sooner you get to grips with modern slang, the sooner you’ll be able to actually understand what’s going on in your kid’s life!

Infographic Design By NetVoucherCodes.co.uk

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