Making Friends and Followers Through Networking

Blogging is made better with others and with the current availability of social media. There are plenty of ways for bloggers to connect online. Not only is connecting with other bloggers a great way to share ideas of promoting and improving their content. And the way they present it online but offers an encouraging platform of like-minded individuals. While the online world is a great place for bloggers to connect. Real-life events are a fantastic opportunity to meet other people in the industry too. Particularly for bloggers that work from home that might be feeling isolated.

Making Friends and Followers Through Networking 1

Social Media

There are plenty of social media platforms to make use of; long-standing Twitter and Facebook, picture-based Instagram and Pinterest and good-for-vlogging sites like YouTube and Twitch. With the choice available using social media can sometimes feel overwhelming. However there are useful tools that can be utilised to make it easier. For instance timed posts across multiple platforms or automatically post to social media when you upload a new blog piece.

It’s also one of the best ways to connect with other bloggers online. And share more snapshots of your day to day life or ongoing adventures to followers of your blog. In turn, this can even grow your following and networking opportunities. When other blog readers see things from their friends or acquaintances that they have shared from your social media or blog.

Finding other industry related professionals on social media is made easier by a broad use of hashtags. Where you can search for others using related terms like #blogging or those relevant to your blog topics. Make sure to add social media links to your own blog. To ensure your readers and other bloggers that come across your page can easily find you across multiple platforms.

Blogging Events

Blogging events have become popular over the years as a way to bring bloggers, readers and even brands together in one place. They can be places to meet others, pick up things to try and offer plenty of content and inspiration. Larger blogger events tend to take place in larger cities such as Manchester and London. And include things from a wide selection of topics and niches from beauty, lifestyle and parenting to travel, food and fashion.

If you aren’t able to travel or have a smaller niche that you feel could be better represented in a small or separate event. You could always host your own in a more reasonable location that still offers good travel links for bloggers further afield. There are plenty of venues available across the country. That offer good value for money compared to larger, busier cities. And have a wide size of rooms available to suit different requirements. From meeting rooms in Nottingham, which has excellent travel links. Located centrally in the UK to hotels in Peterborough which is located close enough to London without the high city prices.

Networking Tips

Networking is all about being yourself and connecting naturally. Be it through reaching out to similar bloggers around a similar size to yourself. Through social media or comments on their blog or meeting others at events. Most bloggers will be able to see through individuals that aren’t being real. Instead of trying to network for friendship are instead only interested in what they can gain from others. So make sure anyone you want to connect with you do so only genuinely. Rather than using others to try to get more readers or opportunities.

Making Friends and Followers Through Networking 2

Once you start to grow, you may find you have less time for networking. But try to make time in your schedule to regularly keep up with previous contacts and new bloggers as the best relationships are cultured over time. Not to mention having a group of friends in the same industry is a great way to gain support and trade struggles with others who will understand what you do.

Overall. Networking should be an enjoyable experience taken at your own pace. So take the opportunity to meet others and get your name out there!

Making friends and followers through networking

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