Keeping Families Connected with Neveo Family Photo Album

We absolutely love taking photos and of course printing them. We have a wall full of photos going up our stairs and each year we always create an annual photo book.

When I was contacted by Neveo I was over the moon. They create special photo family albums for those who either don’t use social media or just for anyone who likes looking at physical photos.

Of course my mother in law came straight to mind. My mum lives literally down the road, my dad is on social media more than I am! But my mother in law who lives about an hour and a half from us does not. She does have a mobile phone, however, that is all it is. You can’t even send photos, yes they do exist!!!

So everything about Neveo’s concept appealed to me.

How to Use Neveo?

This could not be easier.

There is an app available on both android and apple devices.

Neveo App

It really is as simple as just adding in your photos.

You can either add them from your camera roll, Google or Facebook!

Neveo App Facebook

All you need to do is add your photo. You can add a couple of sentences for each photo to show your loved one either what is happening or where you are.

Whats even better is, you can add other family members to add their photos to this photo book too.

Neveo App Add Family Members

What does the photo book look like?

Neveo Newsletter to keep families connected

Now as you can see it is addressed to Grannie Annie!! This is Freddie’s affectionate term for his grandma. They share an extra special bond anyway as Freddie was born on his grandmas birthday.

Inside Neveo Photo Newsletter

The quality of the photo book is a lot better than I had expected. It is like flicking through a magazine.

Inside Neveo Photo Newsletter
Neveo Family Photo Newsletter

Price of Neveo

You can pick an album of up to 50 or 100 photos to be sent every month. For 50 photos the price is £9.99 per month, for 100 it’s £14.99. There is no extra cost for postage even if you are sending it to another country and you can cancel at any time.

**Disclosure – I have been gifted a year’s subscription to Neveo and compensated for my time in writing this post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. **

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