Taking Your Newborn Out In The Summer

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post

Summer is almost here, and if you’ve just had a baby, you’re probably feeling a little trepidation about that. You want to go out, and you want to take your little bundle of joy with you. But babies are very sensitive little people, and it’s the loud and howling cries from their tiny lungs that’ll tell you when they’ve had enough! And that means, when it comes to taking them outside when they’re only a few weeks fresh of being born, you’ve got to go prepared.

Heading to overcrowded and high traffic areas might not be the best idea until your baby is about 2 to 3 months old, but when it’s summertime and the sun is out, you can’t do much to help all the weather hungry people! Babies need to get outside after all, and get used to the big wide world around them, especially if you’ve got holiday plans! So let’s think about some of the best ways to keep baby safe and happy when you’re strolling down the street during the summer.

Focus on Their Sun Protection

As we briefly mentioned above, babies have very sensitive skin, and it’s not only the patch on the top of their head you have to be mindful of when you take them outside. You need to handle them with care as you go around the block, or down to the park, seeing as the sun could very easily give them a burn or two. Especially during the midday hours; try to avoid going out around these peak times if you can.

Babies under 6 months old usually don’t take well to sun cream, so think about investing in a Universal Baby Parasol for your little newborn. At the same time, be sure to dress them up in protective clothing, like hats that can cover their eyes too. And try to purchase light coloured clothes, and white ones if you can – they’re much better at reflecting the sun away compared to the dark blues and reds and greens we often see babies wearing.

Pack Plenty of Cleaning Material

If your baby is going outside, and it’s under 3 to 6 months old, then you should always pack plenty of cleaning materials in your day bag. Of course, no one is taking their baby out without being properly prepared in the wet wipes department, but when they’re a newborn, you’re going to need some antibacterial hand gel in your bag as well.

Your baby is going to be coming into contact with all kinds of peoples, and all kinds of places, and who knows what germs these things could be carrying. So try to get people to wash their hands before they peek in the pram, and always wash your own if you’ve been digging around in the sand with your other children!

Your newborn is going to love being outside when it’s warm and sunny, but you’ve got to be sure they don’t take in too much of that sun.

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