No Risk Matched Betting – An Easy Beginners Guide

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First of all I want to explain this is NOT GAMBLING. This is no risk matched betting.

I would also like to clarify that Matched Betting is NOT illegal. Also it is tax free.

I am always looking at easy ways to supplement my income and risk free betting is the answer.

There is not a better time to start with the World Cup season starting yesterday.

So what actually is no risk matched betting?

According to Wikipedia

Matched betting (also known as back bet matching, lay bet matching or double betting) is a betting technique used by individuals to profit from the free bets and incentives offered by bookmakers. It is generally considered risk-free as it is based on the application of a mathematical equation rather than chance.

Is it really risk free betting?

Absolutely, as you are betting on one outcome at one bookies and the opposite outcome on a different bookies. Now due to the difference in bookies bets you will normally make a qualifying loss (normally less than £2 – depending on the amount of your bet). After this, you will then receive a free bet which you should aim to make approximately 80% return on. Therefore, you have made a profit.

How Much Money Do You Need to Start Risk Free Betting?

Now this is completely up to you. The minimum I would recommend is £100 however, I started with a pot of £1,000. The bigger your pot the quicker you will make money as you don’t have to wait for each bet to settle before placing your next bets. Though there are a number of websites that offer best free bets offers by registering an account and making a deposit even small amount.

No risk matched betting. Want to know how I made money with matched betting? It's a great way to make £500-£1000 per month. It's tax free and it's legal! #matchedbetting #money #matchedbettinguk

How to Start No Risk Matched Betting?

Now this is easy, I use Profit Accumulator. What I love about Profit Accumulator is you can try it for free. Within this trial you will make a guaranteed £40 – £45 by following exactly what they say.

Profit Accumulator is absolutely amazing, I couldn’t do it without them. In the Sportsbook Sign Up offers they have videos and text explaining exactly what to do. Almost like an idiots guide. I do suggest that you watch the videos in full before starting and then watch them again while you place your 2 bets.

Once you have completed your free trial Profit Accumulator charge £17.99 per month. Trust me you will easily make this back!! You can of course try doing it without them, however, I wouldn’t.

Profit Accumulator not only has really helpful video tutorials, it has a matched betting forum for tips and advice. They have also created a software so you can see which bets are closely matched between the 2 bookies.

How Much Money can you make Matched Betting?

This varies massively and dependent on what sport is playing and on which site you’re playing. In my first month of no risk matched betting, I earned £715.30, however, in month 2, I lost £8.99. Now this isn’t entirely the case as it is World Cup Season so in month 1 I had no open bets outstanding. But in month 2, I had about £1,000 outstanding bets for the World Cup.

I am on target to make £500 this month, and with all of the outstanding bets for July I will easily make £750+. Going forward my plan is to make on average £500 per month from doing matched betting. This is entirely achievable with many people making over £1k.

Learn how to make £500+ per month with matched betting. #matchedbetting #matchedbettinguk #makemoney

Why Doesn’t Everybody do Risk Free Betting?

Now this actually is fairly easy. There are a number of reasons but I will list below peoples fears;

  1. It is not legal (this is absolutely not the case, Matched Betting is legal)
  2. You have to declare it to the tax man (again this is not the case)
  3. It is gambling (well this is true, BUT, you are gambling against a guaranteed position. So if you follow the guidelines you can not lose)
  4. It is time consuming. Currently I spend on average 2 hours a day but some people do this full time. You get out of it as much as you put in.
  5. You need a big starting pot – to make the most money I suggest having a starting pot of about £1k, but as stated above, you can start with as little as £60.
  6. It is risky – Yes it can be if you don’t follow Profit Accumulator to the letter. Also you really need to keep track of all of the free bets you are entitled to. If you forget them you potentially could lose money. Each qualifying bet you will probably lose £0.20 – £2 but then with the free bet you will ultimately make money.

For me matched betting is a guaranteed way for me to earn on average £500 extra per month, and although I need absolute concentration when I am doing it, with the help of Profit Accumulator it is easy.

Do you do no risk matched betting? Let me know in the comments how you find it.

If this isn’t for you, have you considered making money with TopCashback? See how I have made over £1,500.

Beginners guide to matched betting #matchedbetting #
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