Pandemic Board Game Review – A Great Cooperative Game

This month’s board game review is the Pandemic Board Game, for the Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club. I am always looking at new board games to play, and this strategy cooperative game looked great.

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Pandemic Board Game

Can you save humanity? You are part of a team that eradicates disease throughout the world! It is a game for 2 – 4 players, or if there are more you can set up teams of between 2 and 4. What is nice is that this is a cooperative board game, so you are all actually playing together to rid the world of disease. So there is no one winner, you either all win or all lose!

Contents of Pandemic

7 Role Cards

7 Pawns

59 Player Cards

4 Reference Cards

48 Infection Cards

96 disease cubes

4 Cure Markers

1 Infection Rate Marker

1 Outbreaks marker

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Overview of Pandemic Board Game

The aim of the game is to simply discover cures for all 4 diseases.

The teams lose if one of the following happens:

  • 8 outbreaks occur – Worldwide panic
  • not enough disease cubes are left when needed (a disease spreads too much)
  • not enough player cards are left when needed (your team runs out of time.)
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How to Play Pandemic Board Game?

Each players turn is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Do 4 actions
  2. Draw 2 player cards
  3. Infect cities

What I especially love is you can ask the other players advice as to what your next move should be. This was especially helpful when playing with Freddie. The age recommended is 8+, which I agree with, however, I think this really is aimed at children over the age of 10+ (personal opinion only.)

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Pros of Pandemic Board Game:

I love the fact that this is a cooperative game, we have not come across one before, and I think this is a great way to play with other people.

I love the colourful box and all of the cards (Freddie loves any game with lots of cards in!)

The instructions are really detailed and easy to read. In fact there are 8 pages, which also shows some example moves.

Cons of Pandemic Board Game:

On very first play I found it really daunting. There are a lot of cards, and set up took a while to understand where everything went. However, once we played again it was much quicker to set up.

**Disclosure – This game was gifted free of charge in return for an honest review.**

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Pandemic Board Game - A great cooperative board game

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