Preparing to turn Forty!

October 11, 2017 7 Comments
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So I am nearly at a new decade, I can’t quite believe it. Where have all the years gone, how am I nearly 40? I know lots of women who struggle with being a decade older but for me turning forty is exciting. Although there are certain things I would like to change / improve about how I look.

Lots of things happened in my 30’s:

  • Meeting and marrying my husband
  • Giving birth to the most amazing son in the world
  • Leaving a career I absolutely loved because my love for Freddie was greater than I ever thought possible. Working away and 60 hours a week minimum was not conducive with being a mum. I thought this was OK to begin with but when Freddie turned 18 months and I was all over the country I decided enough was enough.
  • Going through an adoption process as we wanted to expand our family. We were approved but we used the wrong agency so after 5 long painful years of training and approval we took the very hard decision to give it up and concentrate on what we had.
  • My step son at aged 16 decided to move in with us.

Unsurprisingly all of this has taken a toll on my body and face!!  I am 4 stone heavier than when I turned 30. I have wrinkles, age spots both on my face and my hands. Also I have the dreaded stretch marks. Not the beautiful ones you get from having a baby, the ones you get when you are fat!

So rather than get depressed about it all I have decided to sort myself out!!! My husband is turning 50 nine days before I turn forty so to celebrate we are going to Jamaica for a fortnight (and of course taking Freddie with us). So ideally I would like to be beach body ready for then.

Turning 40? – Dieting

So the first step is to lose some weight!! I have tried dieting many times in my 30’s, calorie counting, giving up the wine, but nothing worked. I think I am an all or nothing kind of girl!

So I contacted the lovely people at Cambridge Diet Plan. I found an amazing consultant who comes to my house weekly to bring me my food (well shakes and bars, its not really food!) and weigh me. She has been coming now since 15th August. The results aren’t amazing as I had to start on step 4 (so a mix of products and an evening meal as I had lots of parties and weddings to attend and therefore drink!). Anyway I have still managed to lose 10lbs. As of Monday though I have been sole source step 1B which means I have 4 products a day (as I am tall) and drink 3 litres of water.

Cambridge Weight Plan Food - Turning 40

My favourite products are the bars and the strawberry shakes so that is what I have been sticking to. I tried the soup and the spaghetti meal replacement but I couldn’t stand them.

The hardest thing for me actually isn’t the lack of food it is the amount of water I am meant to drink. I have never enjoyed drinking water and have always drank plenty of tea, diet coke and wine though. So this has definitely been the hardest thing. I do still drink tea and diet coke in between the water. But I try to get 3 litres of plain water inside me every day.


I have never enjoyed exercising and now I am “obese” my mindset is that I am too body conscious to go to a gym or even run around the park, any excuse! So after long discussions with my hubby we have purchased a Bowflex Trainer (as he is also unfit!). Which we have put in the living room. We were going to put it in the garage out of the way, but there is no way I would use it then.

To be honest I am still not really using it as it is an absolute killer, but this week I have started. I am taking it very slowly but persevering. Freddie is having a go though!

Boxflex Max Trainer M5

Stretch Marks and Age Spots

I have unsightly stretch marks mainly on the tops of my thighs as I have put on so much weight so rather than grumble I have ordered some Bio Oil!! No idea if this is going to work in time for Jamaica as its less than 2 months. BUT at least it will make my legs feel soft!! I used it when I was pregnant to avoid stretch marks which I have to say it did. So lets hope it can work by eradicating them as well!

Bio Oil Stretch Marks

Now age spots is a weird one, I have no idea how or why I have so many. I have a really dark blob above one of my eyebrows, and on both cheeks. There are loads but these are much lighter. I purchased the Bio Oil for the stretchmarks but on the instructions it said it was also ok to use on my face (I have to say I never knew that before). So I am giving it a go.


As I am fast approaching turning 40 I have the obvious discolouration in my teeth, I’m planning on visiting an orthodontist glasgow soon. They are not too bad but I really would prefer a much whiter smile. In an ideal world where Dentists were not my arch nemesis I would have had them whitened. But as I have a very unhealthy fear of dentists this was not an option.

I looked around to see what I could find and everybody seemed to be talking about Charcoal!! So I popped over to Amazon and purchased some activated charcoal toothpaste. I preferred this option over the powder as it is much less messy.

What is weird about it and although I read the reviews previously I wasn’t really expecting the toothpaste to be black. I am only on the second time of brushing with it this morning. And it might be all in my head, but I actually think they look a bit whiter! It does not have a weird consistency. The one I use doesn’t have a bad taste, in fact its fairly minty. So I will keep you updated on this as well.

Charcoal Toothpaste

Turning 40? Hair Tips and Fails

Now I have had grey hair since my late 20’s with about 10% coverage, it is now nearer 60% coverage. I have to get it dyed every 4-5 weeks. So I had a brain wave at the beginning of the year to start going a bit lighter. I have naturally dark brown hair so I stupidly thought that going blonder would make me look younger.

Anyway after months of going lighter I hated it! My hair went all weak with the bleach and if anything I looked like I was trying to look younger. Which in turn made me actually look older. So although my hair is slightly lighter I have decided to leave it more natural looking. I have very dark eyebrows so it was pretty obvious it wasn’t natural.

When I say blonde. This is the blondest I actually got, but trust me it didn’t look this good 4 weeks later! It is still the same length (I am rebelling about the idea of women turning 40 needing to have short hair – in fact I am still growing it!!)

Long Blonde Hair - turning 40


After years of shellacking my nails they have become in the last couple of months really brittle and short. So in preparation for turning 40 and the new decade I have decided to go au naturel (which I absolutely hate). To try and repair my nails. I am using No 7 strength and growth treatment which is an oil that you put on clean nails twice a week.

Looking after your nails - turning 40

I would love to know if you are reinventing yourselves and if so how and why. Please leave comments below.

There was a lot of preparaation for me before I turned 40, from losing weight, to having whiter teeth, read my article now. #beauty #weightloss #forty

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Preparing to turn forty
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Preparing to turn forty
Read all about the things I have done to prepare to turn forty!
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