How to Save Money on Clothes for Your Little One

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Springtime is around the corner which means you can expect more grass stains and mud splotches to end up in the laundry. Buying clothing for your kids is a bit of a conundrum. You dish out a decent amount of cash so your kids look adorable for the school year, but when they return home, you can tell they had too much fun during recess. New jeans and dresses come back looking like tattered rags! The headache!

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Save money on clothes for kids

Though kids clothing should be cheaper than adult clothing, oftentimes you find yourself spending the same amount on a kids tee as you would for a women’s tee! Skirt your way around the kids clothing industry without having to shell out too much money with these money-saving tips and tricks!

Tip #1: Shop for durability

The stronger the shoe, the more difficult they are to ruin at recess! Though it can be hard to find durable materials for tops and bottoms, you can always look for durability in footwear. Cheaply made shoes will be the first to crack under pressure. When you’re on the hunt for cute kids loafers for your daughter or sporty gym shoes for your son, look for sturdy shoes with rubber soles. Check out for great pairs of shoes with great prices.

Tip #2: Search the clearance section

We know, the clearance section of most stores are one of two things— impossibly messy or way too tiny. Overcrowded clearance section can be a mom’s worst nightmare, but trust us, sifting through those piles of discount clothing could be well worth your while when you snag an awesome pair of children’s pants for $5!

Tip #3: Buy gender-neutral

Did you know that girl’s clothes are typically more expensive than boy’s clothing? Going gender-neutral could save you serious cash in the long run, so don’t be afraid to search in both sections while shopping. Department stores like Target offer an awesome selection of gender-neutral kid’s clothes that are fairly priced across the board.

Tip #4: Organize a clothing swap

Clothing swaps are genius ideas for parents with friends who have kids around the same age. Gather your gal pals from book club, paint night, and PTA for a clothing swap. Hand-me-downs are awesome to have stashed for the future, so don’t automatically deny clothing that may not fit your child today. Who knows, they could fit tomorrow!

Tip #5: Check out your local thrift store

Save money on clothes, boy and girls clothes

Much like the clearance section of a mall store, a thrift store can feel just as overwhelming, but the perks double over. Thrift stores are a bargain hunter’s best friend and can be the home to many high-quality name brand children’s clothes that other parents simply tossed. The vast majority of thrift stores have a flat rate on clothing— so all kids tops, bottoms, and shoes could be $2.99. Be patient and take your time, there are definite gems among those racks.

Tip #6: Go seasonless

Defy the fast fashion industry and start shopping without seasons in mind. Every turn of the season comes with a huge overhaul of styles, so as winter begins to turn to spring, you’ll see deep discounts on outerwear, long-sleeves, and wintry materials. Take advantage of those sales, and buy a size up to save on next-years’ haul.

Tip #7: Ask for hand-me-downs

Family and friends with children are probably in the same boat as you— looking for ways to save on kids clothing, and looking for effective ways to get rid of outgrown clothing. Look to them for hand-me-downs you can dress your kids in. A total win-win.

Tip #8: Buy in bulk

Buying clothing in bulk may not be something you’ve ever considered, but having a stash of plain white tees or black leggings will come in handy when you have a kid who loves to get her clothes dirty while playing outside. Stress less about the power of your stain remover when you have replacements ready for action.

Tip #9: Shop cheaply online

Shopping online is a great resource for parents on a budget. Online marketplaces like Wish and AliExpress offer wildly low prices for unique clothing pieces. Be sure to double check the size guides to guarantee the best fit for your kids! We recommend you shop at Leather Stand for high-quality jackets and more.

Save money on clothes, shop online

Saving money on children’s clothing doesn’t have to be as meticulous as coupon-clipping or as impossible as finding huge blowout sales. Easy on your wallet and easy to practice, these tips are a surefire recipe for shopping success!

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