Staccups University Games Board Game Review

Staccups from University Games certainly gets the competitive juices flowing in our household! We are all incredibly competitive (although I am less so when playing with Freddie, although hubby is absolutely not!!). This is a very simple game but really lots of fun.

Staccups Board Game

The Staccups box is instantly a hit. It is really bright colours and definitely something I would pick up in a toy shop. Its clearly not aimed at either sex which is great. Especially as so many games are aimed clearly either to boys or girls!

In the box there are 16 boxes with 4 different colours. You have to add different colour bases to each of them (it tells you which colour lid to add on each cup).

Playing Staccups

There is a base included where you push the centre for a colour and then you have to quickly stack your cups on your side as quickly as you can. To start you push the button in the middle of the base to see what colour cup starts. Then you quickly stack your cups based on the first colour from the base. And then match the colour of the next cup with the colour of the last base. The winner is the first person to get rid of their cups (in the correct order!)

This sounds incredibly simple, which it is. However, when you are competing against each other it is much harder than you think!

Playing Staccups

Staccups is a really quick game. Therefore you would have a few rounds or if playing with a family or friends group the winner stays on etc. But it is really easy to play and set up. The age on this is 8+ I am not sure why it is that old. I would think a 6 year old could easily play it. It is certainly a great game for all of the family to play. And will certainly be played at Christmas here.

This costs only £9.44 from Amazon

** We were kindly sent this from University Games for free in return for an honest review. There are affiliate links included in this post. **

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