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Being a parent is a massive learning curve and one thing I’ve learnt on the way is to label EVERYTHING. I’m done with runs to the lost property box going through hundreds of unlabelled items, or items labelled with a sharpie which make it sometimes impossible to see a name for anyone who doesn’t spend at least 10 minutes trying.

PACK3 - Competition Stickets

I realised that when it comes to labelling school uniforms, bright and clear, permanent labels are the way to go. I was so excited to come across Stikets’ iron-on labels, which stay stuck for good and are washer and drier resistant.

IRON-ONS - Competition Stikets

Stikets have a really good value pack of labels which contains 142 labels.

48 iron-on labels

84 name stickers for objects (36 mini, 24 small, 20 medium and 4 big)

8 shoe labels ( 4 pairs of shoes)

2 luggage tags.

The basic pack contains so many name labels and it’s only £ 19.95 a pack if you do order more than one pack you get £6 off at the moment, and takes approximately 3 to 5 days to be delivered.

PACK1 - Competition Stikets

The stickers for objects are dishwasher and microwave resistant, making them the best solution to labelling lunch boxes and cups besides stationery and school supplies.

PACK_TWINIES - Competition

You can personalise the labels as you prefer, choosing a background colour, a font, and an icon. Plus, they’ve just released the Twinies®, an avatar for your children. Talk about personalised!

FACEBOOK_Ropa_twinnies_UK - Competition Stikets

Stikets’ main goal is to make everyday life easier for families. That is why they keep innovating and creating new quality products. I’m secretly in love with these personalised Christmas gift labels, I think they are the cutest thing, children will definitely get so excited!

Christmas Stickets

Discount Code for Stikets

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Competition for Stikets

I’m really excited to give you all the chance to win one of Stikets’ Basic value pack of labels, so that nothing gets lost at school or on days out! Simply follow the steps below to enter:

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**Disclosure – this is a sponsored post.**

Label everything with Stikets
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Label everything with Stikets
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