10 Best Thank You Teacher Gift Ideas all under £10

Thank you teacher for looking after my very lively child over the last year!

I always struggle with knowing what to get Freddie’s teacher at the end of the school term. In fact I normally just opt for a bottle of wine, who doesn’t like wine!! But this year I thought I would try and put a little more effort in! I have spoken to a number of teachers and these are the best thank you teacher gifts currently on the market.

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All of these thank you teacher gifts are under £10. If this is over your budget though a hand written letter from your child seems to be one of the best gifts a teacher can have.

 Bracelet £4.99+

Thank you teacher bracelet

Plant Pot £7.95

Thank you Teacher Gift : Thank you for helping me grow

Lianne “A plant pot with seeds and make a little sign for it saying thank you for helping me grow “

Personalised Ruler £4.95

Thank you Teacher - Personalised Ruler

Personalised Notebook £6.99

I'm a teacher, get me out of here! #teachergifts

Ticket Master Gift Card £10

Thank you teacher Gift Card

Raimondo “I’m in a simplifying / decluttering mode at the moment so my present would be something like a coffee chain or independent coffee shop gift card for them to enjoy a coffee and a cake ? ? “

Personalised Chocolate Bar £7.99

Personalised Chocolate Bar Best Teacher Ever

Thank you Teacher Book £7.39

Thank you teacher gift, personalised book

Floral Tea Mug with Initials £3.50

Thank you teacher. Why not treat them to a personalised mug with their initial on?


Sorry Adam, I had to include this one, as I really liked it…….

Adam “Don’t get them mugs. I mean seriously, I get 4/5 a year. Other than that, see if they’ve got a book list. I’ve always got an Amazon wish list of books saved away (for myself in fairness) that I would rather receive than a mug… Serious note – my lot know me quite well and I tend to get lots of Star Wars merchandise I wouldn’t normally get. The best gift was cinema vouchers as they knew I was desperate to see The Force Awakens…

 Milk Chocolate Champagne Selection Box £4.80

Thank you teacher gift, designer chocolates

Notebook £6

Llama Funky NoteBook - Thank you teacher

Emma “My daughter made her teacher last year a story about the teacher’s summer holiday. She wrote a story over 4 pages which we stapled together in to a book. We replaced the word picnic with a sellotaped in Picnic bar, put a Costa coffee card in when the story said she visited the coffee shop, and put some Skittles in where she wrote about her going bowling. Her teacher loved it! And my little creative monster loved making it!”

Other ideas my other blogging friends have for thank you teacher gifts:

Leanne “If a few parents are willing to chip in a lovely idea is a personalised clock from a local pottery place with the children’s hand prints and names on it – perfect for hanging in the classroom! “

Andrea “Both myself and my husband Paul are teachers. Thoughtful gifts are always appreciated but a thank you letter is the best; knowing you have helped or made a difference is the ultimate reward and don’t forget wine. A bottle of nice wine is definitely always well received at the end of term! “

Emma “I’m having special cake pops made for the teachers at my sons pre school. It’s called snapdragons so we are going with a dragon theme. Thought it would be something a bit fun and different. “

Kate “I am not a fan to be honest. Very much of the view teachers have relatively good employment terms with plenty of holidays, a decent wage and pension. Having said that, I do think a simple card or letter acknowledging the positive difference they have made is lovely”

Kirsty “At my children’s school the PTA do a collection for each year group so you can give as little or as much as you like and there definitely doesn’t feel like there is any pressure.”

Jeanette “We’ve done crochet flowers and bookmarks in the past, doing crochet (yep, there’s a theme!) tea light holders for this year”

Rachel “In my ten years of teaching, my favourite gift was a £5 donation to Oxfam in my name. I’d told the children not to get me gifts, but to make a donation to charity instead, and this little 8 year old girl listened and did just that! “

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  1. Alan
    June 4, 2018 / 2:43 pm

    The One4all “Thank You Teacher” gift card is much better giving the teacher to choose what he or she actually wants.

  2. June 4, 2018 / 7:44 pm

    Aww! What lovely ideas! I love the idea of the Plant Pot. So sweet x