Tips for Transforming Your Nursery into a Big Kid’s Room

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The day has arrived when your baby has outgrown the nursery. While this day can be bittersweet, it is also a milestone worth celebrating. Now you get the joy of transforming your nursery into a big kid’s room your child will enjoy for years to come.

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Beginning the Transition

Transitioning the space from appropriate for a small baby to appropriate for a big kid is simpler than it sounds. Start by looking at the overall design of the room. Did you choose colours and decor that almost scream baby, or did you choose timeless design elements that will grow with your child?

transforming your nursery into a big kid's room

Either way, now is the time to change your color palette should you choose to do so. Often, nurseries are painted in pastel colors. Perhaps for this new stage you might consider choosing the next darker shade of the color you used, or perhaps you are tired of this color and would like a completely new look.

Transforming Your Nursery into a Big Kid’s Room – Choosing Furnishings

Some parents choose infant furnishings that convert into larger pieces as the child grows. If you did this, you are slightly ahead of the transformation ballgame. If your furnishings do not convert, consideration must be given to new sleeping arrangements.

Some parents will choose to progress from a crib to a toddler bed which uses the crib mattress. Others will choose to move their child into a twin-size bed or full-size bed. Only you can make this choice for your child.

Repurposing Pieces

You can save some money during this transition by repurposing some of your existing items. If you had a dresser in your nursery, you could re-use it in your big kid space. If it doesn’t coordinate well with the bed you have chosen, consider refinishing it with a new stain or a paint colour that complements your room.

In some cases, you can even repurpose your changing table. Thinking creatively about the pieces you own will help you to save money while still allowing you to create the ideal space for your growing child.

Considering Storage

As your child grows, you will find that the stuff you accumulate multiplies and gets larger. Unless you have a dedicated play space to house toys, books and games, you will probably want to store those items in your child’s bedroom. Storage solutions can be as simple as a shelf or toy chest and as organised as colour coded bins or containers.

Consider your entire space when choosing storage options. Will a small bookcase fit inside the closet? Do you have tall ceilings that allow for shelving to be installed higher on the walls? Choose creative storage solutions as well as practical ones. Even a bed can function as a storage space.  Check out Furniture Standards for some of the best storage beds available online today.

Decorating the Big Kid’s Room

Now that you have made the big ticket purchases for your child’s room, it is time to add the personal touches that make the room unique. Whimsical curtains are an easy way to add a fun element to the room’s decor.

Choose bedding that will make your child want to climb into bed for that nap or night-time slumber. Favourite stuffed animals or toys can be displayed within easy reach. Perhaps a child-size chair would be an appropriate addition. This is your chance to add elements that will delight your child.

Transforming your Nursery into a Big Kid’s Room – Conclusion

Transitioning your child’s room from nursery to big kid space can be somewhat heart-wrenching.

Imagine the joy your child will express when seeing the space for the first time. That alone will make the effort seem worthwhile!

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Emily Palmer is a caffeinated blogger who loves talking Decorating, Travel, Yoga

Emily Palmer is a caffeinated blogger who loves talking Decorating, Travel, Yoga, Parenting, Self Development, and more. She can be reached at if you can’t find her at the local café 

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