The Best Christmas Gifts for Women

November 2, 2018 5 Comments

The Best Christmas Gifts for Women

November 2, 2018 5 Comments
The Best Womens Christmas Gift Guide for women of all ages
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I always struggle to know what to buy my female friends and relatives, so I thought I would take the pain out of it for you! So here you will find my Christmas gifts for women guide. Perfect for your wives, mothers, mother in laws, sisters plus your female work colleagues!

If you love shopping on Amazon, check out my Amazon storefront for more gift lists.

There are so many amazing things to buy this year I have included 17 amazing Christmas gifts for women so there is something for everyone.

**Disclosure – Some of the items included in this Women’s Christmas Gift guide were gifted in return for inclusion. This post may contain affiliate links. Which means we may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. **

Women Stocking Fillers

Fake Tan

When I go on holiday I always use fake tan before I go. It always cheers me up and I definitely feel better when I am slightly tanned. This is a spray and it doesn’t smell! I know that seems hard to believe, and trust me I have used loads from expensive to cheap brands but they ALL smell. Well not this one. It is super easy to use and I highly recommend it.

Women's Christmas stocking gift guide - Fake Tan

Nail File

I have always carried emery boards in my handbag until now. This diamond nail file not only looks really stylish it is so much better for your nail. Also it lasts much longer than an emery board. A great stocking filler present. There is a 25 year usage guarantee on it too!!

Women's Christmas stocking gift guide - Nail File

Gin Bubbles

These are an absolutely great Christmas stocking filler gift. We have been trying the pineapple balls the last couple of weeks., which have been delicious. But they have some other amazing things to add to your drink. For example there is shimmer for gin, glitter jam and they even have a monthly subscription box.

Women's Christmas stocking gift guide - Pop A Ball

Christmas Gifts for Women


I normally stick to the same perfume every year. So much so that I now can’t even tell I am wearing any. I have been trying out this Seksy perfume recently and it is lovely. It is much cheaper than the brands I would normally wear, but, it has a really strong smell (which I love) and it lasts (again something important.) There are lots of different smells from fruity to floral. Each bottle has a Swarovski crystal charms around the neck, which can be removed and added to jewellery.

Women's Christmas gift guide - Perfume


This purple haze real flower pendant is stunning. This was inspired by Jimi Hendrix’s legendary performance of “Purple Haze” at the Isle of Wight festival. The tiny flowers have all been specially selected for their complimentary hues to create this pretty purple petal pendant.

Women's Christmas gift guide - Necklace

Mary Berry Cook Book

Now I don’t read, I know I should, I just can’t ever find the time. However, I absolutely love Mary Berry! In fact any baking we do is always from one of her amazing cookbooks. The reason I like them so much is that they are really easy to read and they have lots of photos!

Women's Christmas gift guide - Book

Family Calendar

This is always on my Christmas wish list, although there is only 3 of us, with Stuart working away a lot, and Freddie’s social diary this is a must! This one is definitely more my style than the normal kid ones.

Women's Christmas gift guide - Family Calendar


No Christmas gift guide would be complete without chocolate! This Prestat chocolate is something I would normally only receive at Christmas. I am not a big chocolate lover but I certainly love prosecco!!

Women's Christmas gift guide - Chocolate


Now I have really long thick hair, and so drying my hair always takes an age. We have a number of Dyson products including the fan, so I know these products are second to none. Another great benefit of this is it is super quiet! I normally wash my hair at night before I go to bed, as the mornings are fairly hectic. So this is just perfect, the amount of times I have woken Freddie up drying my hair is ridiculous.

Women's Christmas gift guide - Dyson Hairdryer


Now I know I am getting old, but as I work from home slippers are a must! The reason I have included the UGG slippers is because, the UGG slippers I already have are amazing. They do need replacing now, but I have had them for over 2 years. Normally slippers only last me about 6 months (as I wear them every day – pretty much all day long).

If you prefer the Mahabis though, which I have included in the men’s gift guide, you will get £5 off if you follow my link.

Women's Christmas gift guide - Slippers


I am definitely more for comfort than sexy nightwear, and I love these pj’s. They are bright and colourful and they look uber comfy.

Women's Christmas gift guide - PJs


Now I absolutely love makeup! This Benefit gift box not only looks amazing, it is full of gorgeous makeup.

Women's Christmas gift guide - Make Up

Christmas Dress

Now every year we always wear Christmas jumpers. BUT I have just come across this Christmas dress from Want that Trend. I absolutely love them, and they are super affordable. They also do matching outfits if you had a daughter.

Women's Christmas gift guide - Christmas Dress

Funky Wine glass

I was at a friends house recently and spotted one of these Lolita wine glasses. I absolutely loved the look of it, the one she had was the unicorn one shown below. The detail is fantastic and such a great gift for women, I mean who doesn’t like wine!!!

Latest in Beauty

I have received a number of these beauty subscription boxes and they are absolutely excellent value for money. You can either order a one off gift, a make your own box as a one off, or order a monthly subscription.

Latest In Beauty Guru Box. The best beauty subscription box in the UK, you can pick 9 items. #beauty


The Colgate Pro-Clinical 250+ Pink Electric Toothbrush is the perfect gift for the woman in your life. It is slimmer and lightweight compared to other rechargeable toothbrushes. It comes with a holder so perfect for travelling.

Women's Christmas gift guide - Toothbrush

Christmas Hamper

For people like my mum and mother in law who already have absolutely everything they want, a Christmas hamper is a great alternative.

Women's Christmas gift guide - Christmas Hamper

If you were creating your own women’s Christmas gift guide what would you include? Let me know in the comments below.

If you are struggling for gift ideas for the man who has everything check out my gift guide.

The Best Womens Christmas Gift Guide 2018
The Best Women's Christmas Gift Guide 2018
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The Best Women's Christmas Gift Guide 2018
The Best Women's Christmas Gift Guide 2018
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