Zomlings Series 6 Review

For those of you who haven’t come across Zomlings before they are very collectable miniature monsters that you can use to create your very own town. You can find them in all types of shops (they are normally near the till) and are a great cheap reward for children.

Freddie has been sent 3 blindbags of monsters, 2 blindbags of Zom Mobiles (which also comes with a Zomling), 2 Capsules, a Zomlings blister pack (which includes 4 Zom Mobiles and 4 Zomlings) and a massive guide map.

Zomlings Series 6 Review

Now Freddie absolutely loves mini figures as much as he loves trading cards, so this was absolutely perfect for him. I have managed to get away from buying them until now. As there are so many things like this on the market and it is now on Series 6, but I have to say I am converted. He spent absolutely ages playing with them and swapping some with his friends. There are over 100 Zomlings to collect and I have already had to purchase some more.

Zomlings Series 6 Guide Map

Before I received these I was expecting them to be scary looking and a bit rubbish if I am honest. However, I couldn’t be more wrong. They were very colourful and actually quite cute in appearance!

Zomlings Series 6 Review

The guide map is really fun and turns into a town so it is great to play on.

I will definitely be getting more of these to put in Freddie’s Christmas Stocking. I already know that although they are cheap to buy these will be one of his favourite presents.

Right lets get down to the money side of things – again I was expecting these to be more expensive than they are.

Series 6 One Pack is £0.50

Zom Mobile (includes a Zomling) – £1.50

Capsule (includes 2 Zomlings) – £2.50

A Starter Pack (includes 1 Zomlings series 6 guide & play mat + 1 Zom-Mobile packet + 1 Exclusive metal colour Capsule + 3 Zomlings!) – £4.00

Blister Pack (includes 4 Zom-Mobiles (one of each type) + 4 Zomlings (1 rare)) £7.00

I absolutely would recommend these minifigures especially at the price.

** We were kindly sent this from Zomlings for free in return for an honest review. This post may contain affiliate links**




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